Best Thanksgiving Recipes With Great Presentation

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Thanksgiving is just over a week away and my creative juices have shifted from the craft room to the kitchen.  I love having all of the family over and enjoy the whole planning process of the menu, tablescape and overall decor.  Cooking can be a form of art too, especially when you want to have great visual presentation at your holiday table.

There all always the tried and true family favorites that have to be included in the Thanksgiving menu but I like to have some great recipes that also have a unique or decorative presentation to highlight the holiday table – at least for the first two minutes!

Here are some of the best Thanksgiving recipes that also have a wonderful visual appeal:

loaded-mashed-potatoesMashed potatoes are definitely a Thanksgiving staple.  However, an option to spice up the dish a little bit is this recipe for loaded mashed potatoes. I combine 5 lbs of mashed potatoes with 8 oz. cream cheese, 1/2 cup sour cream, and a couple of tablespoons of chopped chives.

I like to make this ahead of time and then put it in my crock pot an hour or two before dinner.  Then, just before serving, I put the potatoes in a serving bowl with garnishes.  I do still make gravy for this one too and it is delicious!

Pumpkin pie is an all time favorite but I think I could substitute the traditional pie for this wonderful looking tart that I am sure tastes as amazing as it looks.   Jenny Hobick shows how easy this is to make at Everyday Occasions.

If you usually stuff your bird with your favorite stuffing and have some leftover, why not wow your guests by filling large mushroom caps with the rest instead of merely putting it in a small casserole dish?


These non-traditional but delicate souffles would make a great appetizer or elegant side dish to your Thanksgiving meal.  The flavorful scallions, red onions and peppers will add just a little kick to the rest of your meal.  The idea and recipe to make these as an addition to your Thanksgiving dinner comes from Food 52.


Here are some super easy to make appetizers that look great on a tray.  These cran-sage rolls from BHG are made from frozen bread dough!


And finally, for cranberry sauce, this recipe from Good Housekeeping for a ginger pear cranberry sauce offers a slightly sweeter version than the traditional.  The presentation with the pear slices looks elegant and perfect for a holiday dinner.


Do you have some traditional favorites or ideas for great presentation?  Share your tips in the comments!

Happy Cooking!

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