10 Decorative Organization Crafts

There is something about the start of a new year that makes everyone want to get organized.  A new beginning can mean a fresh start or out with the old and in with the new.  For me, I know that when that feeling, to organize, is there…. I better jump on it!

It may be gone tomorrow!.

So…today I am focusing on craft projects that help with organization.  All of these ideas will help to declutter your home in no time.

10 Organization Crafts:

1.  Wooden Boxes With Paper Hardware by Country Living

organization craft boxes
Organization craft boxes by Country Living

Inexpensive wooden boxes are given an upgraded look with paper hardware and new paint.

2.  Chalkboard Vinyl Tags Jar Organization by Little Birdie Secrets

chalkboard vinyl tags
Chalkboard vinyl tags by Little Birdie Secrets

3.  DIY Storage Using Recycled Tin Canisters

recycled tin storage canisters

I recycled a set of old gift tins to use for storage by wrapping them in twine and making labels with linen sticker letters.

4.  Paint Brushes In Vases by Christina’s Adventures

paint brushes in vase
Paint brushes in vase by Christina's Adventures

I am loving this idea for storing paint brushes.  The vase filled with rocks looks so decorative as a base for the brushes – you hardly even realize it is meant for storage!

5.  DIY Storage Caddy Using A Recycled Six Pack Container

diy six pack storage caddy by rustic-crafts.com

I love to turn six pack drink containers into useful storage caddies.  The separate compartments are perfect for storing a variety of supplies.

6.  Cereal Box Drawer Dividers by I Heart Organizing

cereal box drawer dividers
Cereal box drawer dividers by I Heart Organizing

This is an amazing solution to drawers that can easily get out of hand!

7.  Mason Jar Paint Storage With Chalkboard Paint Lids by It All Started With Paint

mason jar craft storage
Mason jar craft storage by It All Started With Paint

I like how the labels for these jars are on the lids so the jars can be stored in a cool industrial basket.

8.  Tin Can Caddy by Cynthia Shaffer

tin can caddy
Tin can caddy by Cynthia Shaffer

Tin cans plus a lazy susan equals a super functional storage caddy!

9.  Twine Storage by Your Home Based Mom

twine storage
Twine storage by Your Home Based Mom

This is just plain pretty!

10.  Cereal Box Paper Organizer

cereal box paper holder

This paper holder was super inexpensive to make since I covered the cereal box in newspaper!

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Crafting!

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Decorative Craft Storage Cabinet Ideas

If you do any type of crafts, you will very quickly accumulate an assortment of craft supplies.  And, chances are, you don’t just want these supplies collecting in piles haphazardly around your craft room or space.  That is where good organization will save you from clutter and from a lot of frustration.

There are all kinds of storage solutions that you can buy like plastic bins and dividers but you can also get more decorative with a craft storage cabinet.

I have found several ideas for rustic industrial cabinets that look amazing in a craft room.   Check out all of this inspiration for a storage idea of your own!

Craft Storage Cabinets:

craft storage cabinet

To start, I repurposed a vintage credenza to use for craft storage.  I changed the handles and paint for a more fun and industrial look.

craft storage cabinet
Rustic craft storage cabinet by Crafty Storage

An old library card catalog cabinet is repurposed into a craft storage cabinet!  The distressed wood of the drawers and the mismatched metal handles are a perfect rustic industrial look.

paintbrush cabinet handles
Paintbrush cabinet handles by Pretty Handy Girl

No matter what type of cabinet you may have to work with, you can give it a cool look with some old paintbrush handles.  Check out the tutorial by Pretty Handy Girl.

craft storage cabinet
Ballard Designs Inspired Cabinet by Finding Home Online

See how you can make this Ballard Designs inspired cabinet by Finding Home Online.

craft storage cabinet
craft storage cabinet makeover by Sophia's Decor

Here is an amazing craft cabinet makeover project.  The cabinet started from a Craig’s List purchase and had no hardware.  Check out the before picture!

craft storage cabinet
Ikea craft storage cabinet makeover by Crafty Scrappy Happy

If you would prefer to purchase something new and makeover that, here is a great example of an Ikea storage cabinet/cubby makeover.  Check out all of the details that went into this project by Crafty Scrappy Happy.

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Crafting!

DIY Storage Using Recycled Tin Canisters

I have been saving my old tin canisters that I have received Christmas treats in or that I have used for decorative purposes before that are no longer my style.

It was about time that I did something with them and today I decorated a couple of them to use as storage containers.

I actually had a need for something to throw coins in and another one for all those spare nuts and bolts.  I have places for these at home but at our cabin they are beginning to collect in one of our utensil drawers which is a big no no for me!

So…I grabbed a couple of the smaller canisters:

old canisters

First I went to work on the lids.

I began by painting with an acrylic paint in a graphite color.

diy storage

I had also painted the rim of the canister where the lid would be placed.

I didn’t want the lids to look too new so I added some light scratch marks with a fine paint brush and some sterling silver colored paint.

diy storage

I then went to work on the canisters.

For the smaller canister, I decided to wrap it in white twine.  I first applied Mod Podge decoupage to the canister, one half at a time, and began winding the twine around the canister.

diy storage

When the entire canister was wrapped in twine, I applied another layer of Mod Podge over the twine.  I then added a narrow strip of burlap around the canister and another layer of Mod Podge over that.

Then, I attached canvas stickers onto the burlap to spell the words “nuts & bolts”.  I did add some more Mod Podge over the stickers which may have been overkill but they aren’t going anywhere!

diy storage

For the second container, I followed the same steps accept that I used a thicker natural twine and left off the burlap.  I used stickers to spell out the word “coins” for this one.

diy storage

Don’t worry, they don’t stay looking so messy!

Once they dried….

They ended up looking like this:

recycled canisters by rustic-crafts.com

recycled tin canister by rustic-crafts.com

recycled tin by rustic-crafts.com

The Mod Podge might not be totally dry on the nuts and bolts canister but I think you get a good enough idea!

Happy Crafting!

Creative Ways To Organize

There is nothing like the start of a fresh new year to make you want to get your house in order!  I have been cleaning out cupboards, closets and drawers and with each completed task, I find myself getting more and more relaxed.  A sense of order definitely feels good.

I was a little horrified at what had been piling up in the cupboards surrounding my kitchen desk.  There was actually still an elementary school directory of my son’s who is now seventeen!  I also found enough batteries and light bulbs to start my own store.

Something else that was taking up way too much space were several Christmas tins in varying sizes.  I plan on painting these and using them for much needed storage in my craft room.

Once I was finished with the desk drawers and overhead cupboards, I went to work on the actual work surface.  I normally have my phone charging on the desk as well as my camera within easy reach.  It was just a messy pile in the corner.  To make it look neater and more decorative, I pulled out a shabby four sectioned wood cubby that I had stored in my craft room.  I had picked it up from an antique store thinking that I could do something with it.  Now I was just going to use it to organize a few things and display a picture that would hide my charging cord.

The corner now looks much neater:


Here are some more creative ways to organize:

ledge shoe storage
Creative shoe storage by Apartment Therapy.

I happen to love shoes and storage can be a problem.  This idea using a ledge to hook heels from definitely takes care of the issue.

ribbon storage
Unique ribbon storage by Sew Chic And Unique

Organize your ribbons easily and keep them in plain view by placing them on a pants hanger.

Measuring cups in cabinet door by Bubbles

I like the idea of hanging measuring cups from little hooks inside a cabinet door.  However, this creative idea goes one step further by adding a conversion chart for making easy calculations.

Creative jewelry hanger by The Posh Space

This is such a cute and decorative way to display jewelry.  Just hang a wooden box holding a couple of empty bottles for organizing bracelets.

Old shutter for home office storage by Pendrake

An old shutter is perfect for sorting mail and other office storage.

Rake jewelry organizer by The Green Beagle

Broken off rakes or rake ends make ideal necklace holders.  I love the industrial rustic look!

What unique ways have you used to organize things in your home?  Share your ideas below!