Vintage Industrial Interior Design Ideas

Whether your home style is rustic, industrial or farmhouse, vintage industrial accents work well to enhance the design. Some popular vintage industrial pieces are made up of salvaged wood or chunky metal. You can find these type of accents at an antique or architectural salvage store. Sometimes collecting the items is easy but how to incorporate them into your  interior design is another story.

I have collected many antiques and salvaged items over the years and have mixed them in with my décor in a variety of ways. Now that we live in an old renovated industrial building, the pieces fit in perfectly. Here are a few examples of some of my decorating ideas:

Vintage Industrial Accents

vintage industrial stool


A metal scrapyard is a wonderful place to collect industrial pieces. This stool was made from a variety of rusty metal parts collected from a scrapyard. The seat is an old tractor seat and the footrest is some kind of industrial chain. My husband welded all of the parts together to create the unique design. The gear bookend, behind the stool, was also welded together from a scrapyard gear and metal ends from a building supply store. The vintage violin on the windowsill is just a nice worn piece that fits well with the room.

Here is a larger view of the entire room:

vintage industrial living room

It definitely helps to have an old brick wall and exposed duct work as a backdrop for vintage industrial decorating. Anything vintage and distressed fits in perfectly!

Some of my favorite vintage items are a little quirky and usually aren’t thought of when thinking about home décor.

Take, for instance, my old metal mop bucket!

I bought this bucket at one of my favorite architectural salvage/antique stores, The Blue Door.

vintage industrial mop bucket



I also like to fill this bucket with seasonal flowers.

vintage industrial christmas decor


Another somewhat odd but super cool decorating item is salvaged wood. I was so happy to come across this old piece from some kind of pallet. The stamped numbers are what really did it for me. I needed a place to store my china teacups and was looking for a shelf. This chunk of pallet sitting on my counter acts as a nice anchor display for my cups. I love the contrast of the fine china and the worn wood.

salvaged wood


For more vintage industrial interior design ideas, check out my Industrial Décor page.

What have you used to decorate vintage industrial?

Creative DIY Storage Using Old Toolboxes

One thing that everyone could use more of is storage space.  We tend to collect a lot of stuff!  What can cause a mess real fast are all of those small trinkets and treasures or small supplies that  can be hard to find a home for.

It can also be hard to find enough room in closets or drawers to add yet another collection or container of small items to our already over packed hidden storage spaces.

That is where creative storage containers are a must for storing these items right in plain sight.  You may not have considered an old tool box as decorative storage, but they are actually perfect in a rustic decor setting.

I picked up this old rusty tool box from a barn sale with the intention of making it over for decorative storage.

rusty tool box

At first glance, the box make look a little too worse for wear.  However, I had some plans that were going to get it in perfect condition for storing craft supplies while at the same time adding some cool rustic decor to my craft room.

First I brushed it off real good with a small scrub brush to get all of the loose rust and dirt off.  I would recommend wearing goggles or glasses for this, if there is a lot of rust, because I ended up with some small dust particles in my eyes when I tipped the box over into the trash….oops.  Next, I wiped the tool box down with a wet rag.   It was now ready for a protective coat of polyurethane.

I initially brushed on a coat of satin polyurethane over the entire surface to seal the rusty finish and keep it from rubbing off.  Doing this also makes the finish a little darker like a brown rust instead of the natural orangy rust.  When the whole project was complete, I lightly sprayed the whole thing with some spray varnish.

Once the polyurethane was dry, I added other embellishments like vintage song sheets and burlap to line the inside and a couple of fun metal labels.  The song sheets and burlap were decoupaged in with Mod Podge which provides a nice durable finish.  I distressed the edges with paint to blend with the rustic box.  I also painted the inside of the lid.

And here is the end result:

creative diy storage by

creative diy storage by

creative diy storage by

creative diy storage by

It is always tempting to keep these for my own craft room but I will be adding this one to my store!

Industrial Chic Kitchens

When I first think of the term industrial kitchens, I think of something cold and purely functional.  However, there is another look that is more rustic and chic. Industrial chic kitchens use a combination of metal and vintage or rustic elements. This gives a kitchen more warmth than a sterile brand new industrial environment.

I have put together a collection of some  kitchen designs that use this combination of metal and other vintage industrial items that add a lot of character to the spaces making them chic and inviting.

Industrial Chic Kitchens:

industrial chic kitchen
Industrial chic kitchen by Atlanta Homes

This kitchen is basically the definition of industrial chic.  The white and airy cabinetry, with open shelving for vintage collectibles, keeps the kitchen warm and chic while the industrial lighting and stools enhance the look and add a ton of character.

industrial chic kitchen
Industrial chic kitchen via Ann Porter

Here is another industrial look that is warmed up with the wood floors and some rustic accessories like the basket and wooden box.  I’m not sure if the ladder stays in the middle of the room but it doesn’t really look too much out of place in the room!

industrial chic kitchen
Industrial chic kitchen by House To Home

This kitchen also has a great combination of rustic, vintage and industrial.  Brick has a fantastic way of warming up a room.  Check out my post on How To Install A Brick Wall In The Interior Of Your Home to easily get this look.

Rustic Industrial Chic Looks

industrial chic kitchen
Industrial chic kitchen via Simple Everyday Glamour

Here is a kitchen that is more heavy on the rustic with a touch of chic in the lighting and industrial in the seats.

industrial chic kitchen
Industrial chic kitchen via At Home On The Bay

And finally, here is a fantastic industrial chic kitchen with all of my favorite elements.  The table is super unique and budget friendly.

I hope you have been inspired!



creative storage ideas by

Creative Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Storage solutions can be a dilemma for any area in your home but it can definitely be more of an issue in small spaces.  These areas tend to get cluttered up in a big hurry so a well organized room is essential to keeping any sense of order.

When you don’t have a lot of space, the last thing you want to do is fill it up with bulky storage containers.  However, there are ways to get creative with storage that will go virtually unnoticed as being storage and will look decorative instead.

My small office/craft room is full of creative storage ideas that look to be part of the overall decor of the room.

vintage suitcase storage

The vintage case is packed full of vintage buttons.  It is very easy access for when I need them but is out of the way when I don’t.

vintage suitcase and industrial basket

Another vintage suitcase holds specialty craft papers with the industrial basket on top of it holding my rusty springs and gears.  I like the open storage for my rusty parts because they help to inspire my creativity…..and I just like rusty junk….a little weird I know!

rusty drawer storage

I added rusty drawers to this vintage telephone desk to store supplies like glue and scissors that I like to keep hidden.  I, of course, like the rusty drawers to be seen!

heat register clip board

At the top of that desk, I keep my vintage heat register clip board to store various floral picks that I use in small projects.

bucket magazine holder

My inspiring magazines are kept in my upcycled chair –  magazine holder.

old window clip storage

I hung an old window, with wire and mini clothespins, over my desk for some more storage.  I can easily clip small supplies and notes to keep them off my work surface and at eye level.  I also have wire and clips on a picket fence, next to my telephone desk, that I have yet to fill.

mason jar storage

And finally, I love the look of mason jars and use them wherever I can.  They are so perfect for storing a wide range of items.

What creative storage ideas have you come up with?

Happy Organizing!

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