How To Hang Photos In Unusual Ways

Do you ever find yourself becoming bored with the ordinary picture frame for hanging your extraordinary photos ?  Or, maybe your space doesn’t quite allow for the classic frame.

Well, if you dare to think outside the box…or frame…there are some other creative ways to hang photos.

I knew that when I picked up a funky metal piece from a salvage shop, that I just had to make some sort of photo wall hanging with it.  Here is what I did:

picture hanger tutorial step one picture hanger tutorial step two picture hanger craft

I have no idea what the metal piece is, that I purchased, but it has six numbered and hinged brackets on each side that are perfect for holding photos or notes.

I made a base for the piece by cutting a larger square of thin wood with my Dremel.  Luckily, I only had to go to our garage to find this wood and just had to make one cut to get it to the size I wanted.

I then painted the wood with one thin coat of white semi gloss latex paint (I wanted some of the wood grain to show through).  I’m all about layering textures and neutral colors so I then cut a piece from a burlap runner that was between the size of the wood and the metal and mod podged that to the wood.

For some extra embellishment, I added typewriter keys to the four corners of the burlap.  Finally, I glued the metal piece down with E6000 glue.  That glue is awesomely fantastic!  I piled a bunch of weight on top of it while it was drying overnight to keep it nice and secure.

The wood already and two holes at the top which I conveniently used to run some twine through for hanging.  Then… I just added my photos and hung it up in our hallway.  Oh…..and I ran a screw through a vintage thread spool for a decorative hanger.

industrial photo display

industrial photo display

industrial picture hanger

You do have to be fond of the old and rusty for this one but I like the contrast with the elegant wedding photos……definitely outside the box!

Here are some more ideas of how to hang photos that are a bit out of the ordinary:

The Photo Wheel via Bob Vila

photo wheel display
Photo wheel via Bob Vila

Vintage Mattress Spring Photo Display by My Blessed Nest

mattress spring photo display
Mattress spring photo display by My Blessed Nest

Clothespin Photo Wall by Project Denneler

clothespin photo wall
Clothespin photo wall by Project Denneler

A vintage pants hanger also makes a wonderful photo display!

pants hanger photo display

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Crafting!

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Unique Lampshades And DIY Lighting Ideas

I never can get enough of all the cool ideas there are for making unique lampshades and light fixtures.  It makes me wonder why I still have some basic globe style fixtures in my house.  There is really no excuse.  Even if it is just a hallway or bathroom ceiling, I really could be having a lot more fun with those.

I get a lot of enjoyment from my cabin kitchen pendant light made from a vintage sifter as seen here.  It didn’t take long for me to look at that sifter and think of it in a new “light” because of it’s shape.  I thought the shape made a perfect pendant fixture when turned upside down!  There are plenty of other items that also have that perfect light fixture or lampshade quality.

Check out these amazing diy lighting ideas that I found:

diy pendant light
DIY pendant light by Ashley Ann Photography

Here is a fantastic Anthropologie inspired pendant light made from a wire basket.  The step by step tutorial is easy to follow!

wire basket diy light
DIY basket light by Anythingology

Another take on this idea is to use two round planter baskets.  Check out how this light is hanging!  The pulley idea is right up my alley.  Find all the details for putting a light fixture like this together here.

diy cage light sconcd
DIY cage light sconce by Nalle's House

A common cage light suddenly looks industrial chic when it is hung like a pendant light.  Check out the step by step tutorial for making this conversion.

ceiling fan shade
Ceiling fan shade by Thrifty Decor Chic

And, how about dressing up a ceiling fan?  Adding a chic drum shade ramps up the style factor big time.  Check out how easily this was done by Thrifty Decor Chic.

bird cage chandelier
Bird cage chandelier by All Things Thrifty

Here is a Restoration Hardware knock of a birdcage chandelier done by All Things Thrifty.  Instead of costing $2300 it was made for around $60.  You will want to check out the tutorial!

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Decorating!

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Industrial Rustic Design Ideas

I guess you could say that over the last year I have become increasingly fond of the industrial rustic design style.  It probably started in our cabin where I wanted to have a rustic theme but incorporate some edgy city elements.  This was my way of ensuring that our cabin retreat didn’t become just a man cave hunting getaway!

One example of how I combined the two elements was in our cabin dining area:

industrial rustic design

I originally wanted some kind of vintage metal pendant light but everything I found was quite expensive.  So…I made my own with a vintage kitchen sifter!  You can see more of the details at my Homemade Vintage Light Project.

Now I keep incorporating industrial pieces wherever I can in my decorating.  We find a lot of cool pieces from antiques stores, flea markets, architectural salvage shops and even metal scrap yards.

Here are some more ideas for you for decorating in an industrial rustic style.

industrial rustic design
rustic industrial dining by Ideas To Steal

The lights and chairs add a modern industrial edge to the rustic table.

industrial rustic design
Industrial rustic coffee table by Yellow Bliss Road

I love the combination of the wood and metal on this coffee table.  Even the accessories are a nice mixture of cool metals and warm burlap.

industrial rustic design
Industrial rustic kitchen by Woo Home

I love all of the features in this kitchen!  It is such a unique design but the concept of combining the textures of industrial and rustic is the same.

industrial rustic design
Industrial bedroom design by Interior Exterior Ideas

This bedroom is an interesting combination of industrial and rustic accessories.

industrial rustic design
modern rustic bathroom by BHG

The cool lights and sink fixtures are highlighted by the distressed gray wood.

industrial rustic design
Rustic Industrial mantle by Too Much Time

Mantels make such a great showcase for creating a fun design.  It’s probably the easiest spot to quickly create an industrial rustic vignette.  All you need are a few items and you have a look that becomes the focal point for the whole room…. which is a lot easier than trying to update the entire room.

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Decorating!

An Industrial Bedroom Makeover

When it was time to give my teenage son’s bedroom a more grown up look, I decided to switch from a sport’s theme to a more generic rustic industrial look.

Previously his walls were a deep basketball orange that could have actually crossed over to a rustic look but they needed to be repainted anyway.

Here is a before picture:

basketball orange bedroom

This is actually an after clearing out and cleaning before picture!  A true before picture had piles of….stuff….all over the floors and posters on the walls and broken blinds hanging crooked…..

Anyway…since I really wanted to incorporate a lot of industrial pieces, I thought painting the walls a shade of gray would be just the ticket.  Home Depot carries Behr paint, which I like, and I picked a shade called Silver Hill.

The new wall color had a way of instantly calming the room.  It also made a nice back drop for the rustic metal and wood.

industrial bedroom by

This desk is an antique passed down to us from my father in law.  It had a lot of scratches and discoloration on it.  I thought about painting it but in the end decided to just sand it quite heavily in spots to even further distress it.  The sanding at least made it look uniformly distressed and I finished it off with wax.

I don’t know what the metal contraption is leaning against the desk but I just think it looks cool.  We picked it up from a metal scrap yard.  The bookend on the desk is made from a gear.  Here is a closer look:

gear bookend by

My husband just welded the gear to two other metal pieces.

I picked up the two tool chests from an antique store.  The industrial style chair is from Home Goods and I was lucky enough to get that on clearance!

You can see through to his little bathroom where I added some industrial pieces as well.  The wood setting on the toilet tank is from a pallet and the cabinet is another item from Home Goods.

industrial bathroom accessories by

industrial towel clips by

I picked up a couple sets of these towel clips from Target.

industrial bedroom by

I did the same sanding treatment with this dresser.  The metal pieces leaning on and laying across the dresser are vintage model airplane wings.  I bought these from an antique store just because I liked how they looked.  My husband made the coat tree or hat rack and the birch curtain rod.

industrial bedroom by

This is the nightstand table that I made over a while back for this room.  I ended up tweaking the colors on it because I originally thought I was going to want it to be black.

industrial bedroom by

A deer skin and a vintage air plane warm up this corner.

industrial bedroom by

So that’s it!  A rustic industrial bedroom that’s pretty simple and soothing.

Happy Decorating!

Creative Pallet Desk Designs

There is something about the look of pallet furniture that is just so appealing.  Not only does it look cool but pallets are also fairly easy to work with in making furniture.  Plus pallets are super cheap if not free!  Many businesses will give them away — just make sure to ask first.

An especially useful piece of furniture to make would be a pallet desk.  The unique structure of a pallet makes it perfect in designing a desk with basically some built in cubbies for  holding supplies.

Check out these various designs to see what I mean:

pallet mounted to wall
photo via Tater Tots And Jello

This super simple design has the pallet simply mounted directly to the wall.  The glass top gives a nice sleek work surface and you can see how the natural design of the pallet offers storage space under the work surface.

pallet desk
pallet top desk by Thistlewood Farms

I am in love with this pallet top desk!  The look is so shabby chic.  This, of course, wasn’t just a matter of sticking a pallet on top of an existing desk.  There was a little bit of re-work here.  But, the pallet was free….the instructions are easy to follow….and the result is soooo amazing!  Click on the photo to get all of the details.

pallet desk design
pallet desk by Ikea Hackers

Here is another fun idea using legs from Ikea.  Some additional wood, besides the pallet, was also used in this project.  Check out the details by clicking on the photo.

pallet desk by Hall Spassov

For a designer looking desk like this, you may want to check you what Hall/Spassov did.  To get the aged look of the pallets, they adhered them to stronger wood that was used to construct the desk.

long pallet desk
Long pallet desk design by Funky Junk Interiors

Wow!  If you have the space, here is an awesome rustic long pallet desk design.  I just love those chunky pallet legs and the cedar plank top!  The industrial looking rolling file bins fit perfectly underneath.  See what went into this amazing design by clicking the photo.

pallet desk video
Sleek pallet desk by Bear Rabbit

From rustic to a more sleek design, all you need to do is run the pallet boards through a planer and add some wood stain.  Starting out with a good quality pallets helps too.  For this desk, the pallets were all taken apart, put through a planer, and then reassembled into this desk design.  The rich dark stain adds a warm sleek look too.

boys pallet desk
Boys pallet desk by Hammers and High Heels

And finally, this pallet desk is simply made with rough pallets and a glass top and it is absolutely perfect for a boy’s bedroom.  Notice the great space for books underneath?  No need to worry about this desk getting damaged.  Those of you with boy’s will know what I am talking about!

Would you consider one of these pallet desk designs?  Have you used pallets in your home decorating?

Let me know your thoughts!

Happy Decorating!