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Creative Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Storage solutions can be a dilemma for any area in your home but it can definitely be more of an issue in small spaces.  These areas tend to get cluttered up in a big hurry so a well organized room is essential to keeping any sense of order.

When you don’t have a lot of space, the last thing you want to do is fill it up with bulky storage containers.  However, there are ways to get creative with storage that will go virtually unnoticed as being storage and will look decorative instead.

My small office/craft room is full of creative storage ideas that look to be part of the overall decor of the room.

vintage suitcase storage

The vintage case is packed full of vintage buttons.  It is very easy access for when I need them but is out of the way when I don’t.

vintage suitcase and industrial basket

Another vintage suitcase holds specialty craft papers with the industrial basket on top of it holding my rusty springs and gears.  I like the open storage for my rusty parts because they help to inspire my creativity…..and I just like rusty junk….a little weird I know!

rusty drawer storage

I added rusty drawers to this vintage telephone desk to store supplies like glue and scissors that I like to keep hidden.  I, of course, like the rusty drawers to be seen!

heat register clip board

At the top of that desk, I keep my vintage heat register clip board to store various floral picks that I use in small projects.

bucket magazine holder

My inspiring magazines are kept in my upcycled chair –  magazine holder.

old window clip storage

I hung an old window, with wire and mini clothespins, over my desk for some more storage.  I can easily clip small supplies and notes to keep them off my work surface and at eye level.  I also have wire and clips on a picket fence, next to my telephone desk, that I have yet to fill.

mason jar storage

And finally, I love the look of mason jars and use them wherever I can.  They are so perfect for storing a wide range of items.

What creative storage ideas have you come up with?

Happy Organizing!

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Five Fun Ideas For Ladder Shelves

An old ladder may not be the most sturdy and dependable for it’s intended use anymore, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw it out with the bath water.

Just like with most things, with age comes character.  The distressed wood on a vintage ladder, that may have a spatter of paint here and there, is now the perfect look for some shabby chic home decor.

Ladder shelves happen to be one of my favorite ways to incorporate an old ladder into home decor.  The basic styling of a ladder makes shelves an obvious choice however there are several different looks you can get depending on the ladder you choose.

Here are several ideas that provide the best inspiration.  You can click on the photos for more details on any of the projects.

1.  Pottery Barn Knock Off ladder shelve by Pretty Handy Girl

ladder shelves
Pottery Barn knock off ladder shelves by Pretty Handy Girl

Half of a tall step ladder was used as the base for these ladder shelves.  It is a great way to get the Pottery Barn look at a fraction of the cost.

2.  Double ladder shelves idea by Houzz

ladder shelves
Double ladder shelves by Houzz

Setting two step ladders side by side gives the perfect layout for placing boards between the two.  I have actually done this with random boards and ladders for quick and easy garage sale displays.  It obviously looks appropriate for home decor when the ladders are matching and the boards are uniform like this!

3.  Upside down ladder shelves by Lesserville Life

upside down ladder shelves
Upside down ladder shelves by Lesserville Life

A similar idea with a twist….., or turn, is to hang a set of ladders upside down.  This gives a more artsy look.  Also, varying the shelves makes a fun and interesting display.

4.  Wall ladder shelf by Dandelion Express

ladder shelves
Wall ladder shelf by Dandelion Express

Here, a half ladder is hung on it’s side using the side rails as a natural shelf with the steps as dividers.  The ladder is hung carefully with brackets so it is very secure.

5.  Single step ladder shelves by Decoist

ladder shelves
single step ladder shelves by Decoist

A single step ladder can also be used with wood shelves simply mounted from the steps to the ladder brace with wood supports.  Adding paint adds a little cheeriness too!

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Decorating!

Bud Vase Ideas Using Funky Finds

I like to collect some pretty unusual items to hopefully incorporate into my decorating or craft projects one day.  Whatever happens to catch my eye, I like to pick up for future use.  My husband also happens to have this trait so you can just about imagine what our garage and storage areas look like!

The nice thing about this though, is that when we do come up with an idea, we usually have a decorative piece that you won’t find in a hundred other homes.  I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing but it does make us happy so I guess that is what really matters!

My latest project, if you can call it that, was a funky little bud vase.  It was really just a matter of combining two of my funky finds together, a glass test tube and a rusty spiral coil.

bud vase ideas by

The only work that I had to do was to wash the coil and then coat it with an epoxy.  This helped to seal it and ensures that none of the rust will rub off on anything.

Here are some more bud vase ideas that I found that use a little bit of the unusual.

Bud Vase Ideas:

1.  Light bulb bud vase by Apartment Therapy.

bud vase ideas
Light bulb bud vase by Apartment Therapy

What a great way to recycle an old light bulb!  I love the added pebbles at the bottom of the “vase”.

2.  Soda bottle bud vases by Kitchen Cure.

bud vase ideas
Soda bottle bud vase by Kitchen Cure

If you have ever been tempted to buy a bottle of soda just based on the look of the bottle, you will understand how cool it is to use the empty bottles as bud vases.  They can add a lot of interest that you wouldn’t get from a plain glass vase.

3.  PVC pipe bud vase by Decor Advisor.

bud vase ideas
PVC pipe bud vase by Decor Advisor

PVC pipe covered with fun photos is a super unique and fun bud vase idea!

Do you have any unusual bud vase ideas that you would like to share?  Just leave your ideas in the comments section below!

Happy Decorating!

Ideas For Upcycled Home Decor

Lately, when I shop for home decor, I look more at flea markets, scrap yards and antique stores  than I do actual home interior stores.  The things that I find interesting are rustic or industrial type items that add some fun character to the rest of my decor.

Most of the items are pretty random and unusual but what they have in common is interesting texture, shape or color.  Many of my finds could be otherwise forgotton and useless but as upcycled home decor they get a new life with maybe even a story or two.

I just picked up this old crate and was immediately drawn to it because of the color and the metal trim.  It has a couple of cracks but that’s okay with me.  It just adds to the character!  I filled it with some drift wood for now and placed it on my fireplace hearth.

upcycled home decor by

I also just love industrial pulleys!  We have been collecting these from metal scrap yards.  I have also seen these popping up all over at flea markets as well as many antique stores.  They look great on shelves or mantels.  I like to prop them up against a stack of old books.

upcycled home decor by

In case you missed it before, here is a look at our study fireplace mantel that is decorated with lots of upcycled finds and architectural salvage.

upcycled home decor by

You can see the complete mantel, after I added the birch logs, here.

Old ladders are a fun item to upcycle and use in home decor.  I just added this old metal one behind my living room sofa.

upcycled home decor by

You can find many more ideas for ladders at Ideas For Decorating With Ladders.

There are some interesting bushel baskets floating around that make wonderful home decor.  I was so happy to find this particular basket with the company initials and year stamped on it.  All I had to do was clean up and add a coat of paint to the inside so that I could store throws in it.

upcycled home decor by

See how I used sections of fence posts in my decorating here.

What have you upcycled to use in home decor?  Share your ideas below!

Happy Decorating!

20 Ideas For Pallets

To continue my week long series on my Hometalk clipboards, today’s featured board is on ideas for pallets.  This craze continues to grow in popularity and the diy projects using pallets continue to get more and more creative.

It never ceases to surprise what some people come up with for unique and functional designs.  My clipboard is full of great ideas!

I think you will enjoy this board just as much as yesterday’s.  In case you missed yesterday’s feature, it was on repurposed projects and was full of amazing ideas…..forty-three all together!  Make sure to check it out.

You can click on the image below to get to my full clipboard on Hometalk as this is just a teaser of what you will find!

diy projects using pallets

Enjoy these ideas and tutorials!  You might want to also check out my post on how to pick pallet wood.  There are some safety tips for choosing and cleaning wood.

Watch for tomorrow’s post on 22 Craft Project Ideas!

Happy Crafting!