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Rustic Signs That Are Inspirational For Your Home

When choosing what type of rustic decor you want to add to your home, rustic signs should be at the top of your list. Whether a farmhouse or cabin, a rustic sign is a perfect accent. Rustic signs can be anything from an old building sign to a handcrafted custom message. A handcrafted message can be as simple as a word like Kitchen or Laundry to basically label a room. However, messages that are inspirational have a couple of benefits. The sign itself will be warm and appealing just from the distressed look of the wood or metal. But, on top of that, the inspirational message will also uplift your spirits every time you look at it.

My favorite rustic sign is the one that has one of my favorite Bible verses on it. This was a custom sign that I had purchased on Etsy and I just love it.

rustic sign

Besides Etsy, I have also found so many signs that I like on Amazon which also has some of the best prices. You can click on any of the signs to get more information if you are interested in buying one.

Rustic Signs For Sale On Amazon

This rustic pallet sign has all kinds of inspirational statements. They serve as a feel good reminder of how to live life. The multi-colored stained wood also creates a fun design that can fit in with many color schemes.

What a great way to wake up in the morning with a message like this! This is a fantastic reminder that you are not alone and your problems will be handled before you even know what you may be facing.

This last one is a cute way to put chores into perspective with parenting!

DIY Rustic Signs

If you would prefer to save even more money, there is no reason you can’t make your own sign. Pallets are popular to use in DIY projects and are fairly easy to come by. Many businesses will have a stack of pallets outside that you can ask about. Most pallets are safe to use in the home but if you’d like more information on safety, check out my post on How To Pick Pallet Wood. If you would like a sign like the Amazon example, just use a variety of stains to color the wood. Then if you are good at free hand painting, you can paint on your desired words. Otherwise, if you are like me, you can easily use stencils to make your words.

Other types of salvaged wood to use for signs include barn wood and any other reclaimed lumber. See some ideas at Rustic Decorating With Salvaged Wood, including a DIY rustic sign example.

Eight Amazing Rustic Patio Ideas

rustic patio ideas

If you love the great outdoors, you will want to have a great area to relax outside. Our cabin is located in the woods and overlooks a small lake. Creating an outdoor setting to enjoy the view was a must! Besides having a deck and a patio right off of our sliders, I wanted to create a seating area that was a little more “in the environment”.

The wooded area to the side of our cabin has a natural clearing and overlooks the lake. It provides the perfect setting for a natural or rustic patio area. I didn’t want to take away from this natural setting and instead wanted to simply enhance it. Adding seating that blended in with the surroundings was the ticket.

Since we had an abundance of logs, still leftover from the clearing of our property, I decided to make use of these in making a bench and a table. Two large logs made an excellent base for an old weathered porch swing. I just attached the swing to each of the logs with screws. We also had a section of clear tempered glass, leftover from the building of our deck,  that I could use for a tabletop. Again, I used two large logs as a base for the table but only laid the glass along the top when in use. For storage, I can just take the glass top off easily and store flat. The glass is almost invisible in the arrangement and blends well with the environment.

rustic patio


More Rustic Patio Ideas

In keeping with this log theme, I found another idea from Rue Magazine using cut logs for seating in their rustic patio idea.

rustic patio

Somehow it is very inviting to come and plop down on a casually scattered log – around a fun rustic industrial pallet table – under a string of lights – in the great outdoors!

Maybe your idea of a patio space is a little more traditional. You can still get a rustic feel by the materials that you choose for your furnishings. I love this idea from Skona Hem using industrial metal chairs with a bulky weathered wood picnic table. The lighting and accessories are also very rustic industrial and give a feeling of warmth that enhance the surroundings.

rustic patio

In the previous two examples, the addition of outdoor lighting adds such a nice ambiance to a rustic patio. However, if you don’t have any over head covering or side wall, it can be difficult to figure out how to incorporate some outdoor lighting into your setting. This next DIY project by Home Depot offers an idea for creating your own string light poles to place wherever needed.

rustic patio



Sometimes using rustic elements in a project is just not feasible but there is something else that is also very rustic – – – Pallets! This outdoor pallet DIY by Joy Ever After is fairly easy to put together and since the design in on wheels, is super easy to incorporate into your outdoor decor.

rustic patio

Rustic Chic Patio Ideas

If you like the rustic patio ideas but need just a little more femininity and softness, you might prefer the following ideas that are a bit more rustic chic.

rustic patio

The table, in this example from Houzz, is still a rustic weathered wood but the addition of the pastel chippy paints adds a chic softness. The white chippy chairs are also a great rustic shabby chic touch that are popular in a farmhouse style. Vases of flowers continue to enhance the natural environment and add femininity.

Here is another similar idea by Me and Alice.

rustic patio

The all white rustic table and simple benches are so fresh and inviting. Any vintage accessories just add character and charm to the setting.

And finally, I absolutely love makeover projects! If you can recycle, upcycle or makeover what you already have into rustic fabulousness, then kudos to you! Here is some great inspiration for you from Seeking Lavender Lane. Deb took an outdated patio set, that was handed down to her, and gave it an amazing new rustic look. With a little bit of spray paint, a new DIY wooden table top, and a new purchased umbrella, the set looks like it is straight from a Paris cafe!

rustic patio

So What Is Shiplap?

If you have recently heard the term shiplap or have heard of those horizontal boards on walls being referred to as shiplap, you may be wondering “what is shiplap….exactly?” Shiplap is the rough-sawn horizontal pine paneling that slightly overlaps the board below it. In addition, shiplap can be milled board with a rabbet joint to hold the boards together. For the most part, these boards were typically used in historic homes.

Shiplap Photos

Here are some photos of shiplap interior walls that have been revived for a wonderful rustic chic look:

shiplap walls

Muskoka Living


Because the old boards have a coat of fresh white paint, they look pretty chic!

Of course, it’s always a plus if your home already has some shiplap either behind the walls or on the walls. The shiplap can simply be painted and restored. However, even if a home doesn’t already have original shiplap, it can be added or even made inexpensively.

How To Install Shiplap Interior Siding:

1. New Shiplap Boards:

There is a fantastic tutorial from Home Depot, including all of the material needed to complete the project. In general, this project would work best on a wall with the frame exposed. Exposed framing makes this installation extra easy.

Home Depot shiplap tutorial
Home Depot

2. DIY Plywood Shiplap:

For an inexpensive option over existing walls, try making your own shiplap! As an illustration, Table and Hearth uses thin plywood underlayment cut into wide planks. Since the chosen plywood is only 1/4 inch, they didn’t even need to remove the molding! They painted the wood wall a fun gray for some extra drama. Check it out!

diy shiplap
Table and Hearth

Now, as I think about some of the white washed wood walls that we put up in our cabin, I am wondering if we should maybe shiplap those babies….

Despite having existing shiplap walls, is this a trend that you could see yourself adding to a wall or two?



Creative Storage Ideas

No matter what size living space you have, finding enough storage can always be a challenge. When all of the closets and cupboards are full, you just need to get a little more creative with how you store. Combining a decorating scheme to include either hidden storage or decorative visible storage is the way to go.

The following creative storage ideas are both functional and decorative and should be easy to incorporate into most spaces.

mason jar storage
Mason jar storage by Pallet Furniture Plans

Bathrooms seem to be a common space where extra storage is always needed. This pallet and mason jar storage idea by Pallet Furniture Plans is an excellent way to add more storage in a rustic decorative way.

wooden cable spool
Upcycled old wooden cable spool table by Bottos Blog

Upcycling unique old or vintage items has to be the most fun way to come up with decorative storage. I just love this old wooden cable spool table that works perfectly for book storage. Check out the tutorial over at Bottos Blog to see what this looked like before.

knives and beans
Creative knife storage by Migonis Home

For those loose knives you may have lying around in a drawer, this creative storage solution, by Migonis Home, may save yourself from an accidental cut. Not only that but it will look nice and chic sitting on your counter.

shutter organizer
Shutter organizer by Patina White

Organizing paper, letters, or magazines never looked more styling than with this clever storage unit made from an old shutter. Check out all of the details over at Patina White.

For more creative storage ideas, check out what I have done with upcycling at my following posts:

Happy Storing!

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Rustic Chic Living Room Ideas

Finding unique living room inspiration never grows old and this collection of rustic chic living room ideas are filled with character and charm. The combination of rustic wood and more refined accessories are a blend that is hard to beat. Who says a living room has to be stuffy and formal?

Rustic Chic Living Room Inspiration

Take a look at this first example found at Houzz:

rustic chic living room
Rustic chic living room by Houzz

The rustic industrial coffee table contrasts perfectly with the chic lighting and white furnishings. Even though the chair is both white and formal, the surroundings make you want to curl up in it to read.

Here are some more great combinations that I found.

chippy furniture
Distressed furnishings by The Painted Hive

Combining distressed or chippy furnishings with elegant and rich leather is another great blend as seen here from The Painted Hive.

rustic chic living room
Rustic chic living room by HGTV

This elegant fireplace is set off nicely by the rustic coffee table and other natural touches.

rustic chic living room
Rustic chic by The Fancy Shack

I just love the look of this whole setting, from The Fancy Shack, with the perfect mix of rustic and chic.

rustic chic living room
Rustic chic living room by The Old Painted Cottage

And finally, here is a place that one could definitely curl up and hang out in all day long. The cozy elegance, found at The Old Painted Cottage, is just too hard to pass up!

Are you a fan of rustic chic living rooms? What is your favorite combination of rustic and chic? Share your comments and ideas below, we would love to hear from you!

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Happy Decorating!

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