Crafts Using Supplies Provided By Wholeport

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I was contacted a little while ago by Wholeport, who provides craft supplies for all kinds of crafts from fabric and beads to paper art and even dollhouse miniatures.  They like the craft projects here at Rustic Crafts and wanted to send me a small sampling of their supplies.

I didn’t get to pick which craft supplies I received so I thought it would be a fun challenge to see what I could come up with based on the assortment they sent me.  So far I was able to put together two crafts and use up most of the supplies.


I used all of my favorite supplies, from the assortment, for this first project.  The vintage looking accessory, the clear glass bead and the three pink beads gave me inspiration for decorating this shabby chic picture frame to hold one of my small wedding photos.

The first step in this project was to paint an unfinished wood picture frame a metallic silver color.  Of course, I then had to distress the frame by sanding off some of the paint in areas.

Next, I simply hot glued the vintage looking piece to the center top of the frame.  I then glued the clear glass bead to the center of that to complete the look.

Now I was ready for the beading:

I used an eye pin like this.

Then I threaded the 3 beads.

With a needle nose pliers, I crimped the end to form a loop.  Using to round attachments, I secured the two charms to each end.  I used the pliers again to crimp the attachments once they were secure.  To secure the bead assembly to the picture frame, I dabbed a few spots of hot glue on the back of the beads and pressed them to the center bottom of the frame.

Finally, I inserted the picture and the project was complete!


For this project, I used all of the supplies that I felt would fit in with a rustic theme.  The wooden look flower button and leaves and the owl charms all could work well together.  The owl charms inspired me to make a “Words Of Wisdom” message board.

Since I had a box of leftover floor tiles, I decided to use one as the base for this project.  I was also able to incorporate some birch into this project which always makes me happy.

This project was super simple to do.  To start I simply glued a birch twig along the right side of the tile.  I then inserted the flower button through the top of the twig and hot glued it down at an angle to secure.  The leaves were all glued down flat.

To make the wet/dry marker holder, I used a decorated branch and glued it to the center top of the tile.  I strung the beads and the owl charms to the wire by first stringing the owl and making a small loop at the end then string the beads and wrapping the excess wire around the branch.  The branch was then hot glued to the tile.

Finally, I used a stencil to paint the words “Words Of Wisdom” down the left side and across the bottom of the tile.

To get the tile to be at an angle for writing, I glued a section of a birch trunk to the bottom side of the top of the tile with E6000 craft glue.

You can get an idea by the side view on the circumference of the birch trunk.

I have a few supplies left and you know I will want to use them in a project.  So, stay tuned for what I come up with using a bear head, some colorful bamboo looking beads and a couple of other Chinese beads!