Five Fun Ideas For Ladder Shelves

An old ladder may not be the most sturdy and dependable for it’s intended use anymore, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw it out with the bath water.

Just like with most things, with age comes character.  The distressed wood on a vintage ladder, that may have a spatter of paint here and there, is now the perfect look for some shabby chic home decor.

Ladder shelves happen to be one of my favorite ways to incorporate an old ladder into home decor.  The basic styling of a ladder makes shelves an obvious choice however there are several different looks you can get depending on the ladder you choose.

Here are several ideas that provide the best inspiration.  You can click on the photos for more details on any of the projects.

1.  Pottery Barn Knock Off ladder shelve by Pretty Handy Girl

ladder shelves

Pottery Barn knock off ladder shelves by Pretty Handy Girl

Half of a tall step ladder was used as the base for these ladder shelves.  It is a great way to get the Pottery Barn look at a fraction of the cost.

2.  Double ladder shelves idea by Houzz

ladder shelves

Double ladder shelves by Houzz

Setting two step ladders side by side gives the perfect layout for placing boards between the two.  I have actually done this with random boards and ladders for quick and easy garage sale displays.  It obviously looks appropriate for home decor when the ladders are matching and the boards are uniform like this!

3.  Upside down ladder shelves by Lesserville Life

upside down ladder shelves

Upside down ladder shelves by Lesserville Life

A similar idea with a twist….., or turn, is to hang a set of ladders upside down.  This gives a more artsy look.  Also, varying the shelves makes a fun and interesting display.

4.  Wall ladder shelf by Dandelion Express

ladder shelves

Wall ladder shelf by Dandelion Express

Here, a half ladder is hung on it’s side using the side rails as a natural shelf with the steps as dividers.  The ladder is hung carefully with brackets so it is very secure.

5.  Single step ladder shelves by Decoist

ladder shelves

single step ladder shelves by Decoist

A single step ladder can also be used with wood shelves simply mounted from the steps to the ladder brace with wood supports.  Adding paint adds a little cheeriness too!

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Decorating!