Giveaway Contest In Celebration Of My Website Anniversary

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Wow! I can’t believe a full year has almost gone by.  I had a vision for what I wanted my website to be and it started out a little shaky but it is becoming more and more of what I had anticipated.  In the beginning, when I was writing to myself, it could be a little hard at times to keep myself motivated to just keep powering through.  I had to start talking to myself…answering the questions I was asking others…telling myself “hey! that was a pretty good post!”  It was a little weird.

I was so excited when I got my first comments.  They were so nice….almost too nice!  Oh yeah, that was because they were spam.  I quickly learned to add the captcha and then my comments disappeared.  For a while anyway.  Now I’m getting so much nice feedback here and on faceback and twitter that it is definitely what keeps me going!  So a big thank you to all of you for your feedback.  It is very much appreciated!

I have learned so much in one years time thanks in a large part to all of the inspiration and tips that I have received from those who have been at this for much longer than I.  You are all amazing!

This month we celebrate Thanksgiving and I think that it is so appropriate that I am running this giveaway contest now.  I am so thankful for the successes that I have had this year and I am thankful for all of you.

The prize for this contest is just a very small token of my appreciation.  I couldn’t decide which of my items to give away so I decided to let you pick.  The winner will get to choose one item from my store, The Rustic Attic, at any value.  You can scroll through the current inventory from the widget on my sidebar.

There are lots of ways to accumulate points with only the blog post comment being mandatory.   However, the more things that you do, the more chances that you have to win!