Replenishing The Creative Juices

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There are some periods of time when life just throws issues at you that need to be dealt with and then the creative juices just kind of dry up for a while.  I have had one of those weeks this week!  When you have to be focused on so many other things it is nearly impossible to design and craft anything that doesn’t look like a kindergarten project.

At times like these, it is really best to just take a little respite.  A relaxing time to get rejuvenated, clear the stress and get motivated once again to do what I enjoy most – crafting, decorating and blogging!  It doesn’t pay to try to force being creative when 1. –  there is no gumption and 2. –  there is no room in the noggin for any additional thoughts, let alone creative ones.

I am very thankful that we have our cabin to go to and unwind and that is exactly where we our headed this weekend.  After the weekend spent with my family and our good friends I know that I will be revved up and ready to go come Monday!  There is something wonderful about getting away from the norm and having a new focus.  Focusing on family, friends, laughter, nature and a little bit of solitude always has a way of sparking creativity – usually in a pretty big dose too!

So..I’ll be back on Monday with hopefully an awesomely creative project to share!  Have a great weekend!