Super Easy Fall Decor Ideas

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Do you want to decorate for Fall but don’t have a lot of time to put into it?  No worries!  There are plenty of ways to achieve a new look for the season in hardly no time at all!  Usually all you need is just a couple of elements to create a festive display.

I put together a neutral Fall centerpiece in minutes with just a few small white pumpkins and a pip berry wreath.  Pumpkins always make for excellent Fall decor and the variety of colors that they come in make them easier to incorporate into every room in your house.

I think you will like the list of Fall decor ideas that I came up with for their simplicity and overall design.  Who says you have to spend hours on your decor to achieve something beautiful?

I’ll start with another pumpkin idea:

Pumpkin centerpiece by Wedding Bee.

Willow branches and pumpkins in a glass vase…….what could be easier?  Simple and yet it really makes a statement.

Candy corn candle display by Your Decorating Hotline.

Now that I can no longer eat candy corn —I overdosed on it too many times—-I would love to use it in this way!  It makes a colorful filler around a plain white candle.

Fall centerpiece idea by Shanty 2 Chic.

Keeping it neutral with browns and whites with pine cones, branches and white pumpkins!

Corn, pea and bean candle fillers by My Hearts Desire.

Another great filler idea for candles is to layer with dried peas, beans and corn.  The Fall harvest of colors work well with a warm colored candle.

Gourds and candles centerpiece by Home and Garden Cafe.

I love using gourds in Fall decor too and this is a unique idea with candles.  Just hollow out the centers of a couple and you have instant candle holders.

Simple Fall decor by Casa Cullen.

I just love the simplicity and style of a tray full of small pumpkins!



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  1. Very pretty ideas here, thanks!

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