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Rustic Chic Farmhouse Crafts

Right now, the rage in decorating is farmhouse style. I have always been a fan of this rustic chic way of decorating. Typically, rustic chic is a blending of the old and warm accessories with more modern and cool details. Farmhouse style incorporates a lot of rustic or vintage items with a lot of white. A neutral palette with warm, rustic accessories make a room especially comfortable which basically defines a farmhouse.

How To Create Rustic Chic

It’s fairly easy to accessorize with vintage or antique pieces. There are so many antique malls, flea markets and garages sales that are filled with all sorts of that wonderful and nostalgic paraphernalia. But, decorating with the old isn’t the only way to achieve a farmhouse style. Decorating farmhouse style can also be achieved by creating something new for your space that is comfortable, warm and inviting. Decor craft projects not only provide a fun new accessory but the fact that the new accessory is handmade makes it perfect for a farmhouse style.

Rustic Chic Craft Ideas

1. DIY Farmhouse Signs – Farmhouse signs are one of the most popular accessories in a farmhouse style home. Although you can purchase these at many stores, it can be more cost effective and personal if you make your own. This sign DIY project by The Crazy Craft Lady is a great example of what can be done with rustic wood, paint and a stencil. Check out her blog for the full tutorial!

rustic chic sign

2. Farmhouse Wreath – What is more welcoming to a home than a warm wreath on display? This wreath craft project by Dandelion Patina is the essence of true farmhouse style. This burlap and white wreath is made from a simple straw wreath decorated with a tablecloth, burlap and lace. Check out her tutorial for all of the easy instructions!

rustic chic wreath

3. DIY Shiplap in a frame – Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, shiplap is all the rage for a farmhouse style. If you don’t have any shiplap walls in your own, no worries. It’s easy to create your own using plywood. Check out this tutorial for framed shiplap by At Home With Natalie for a quick and easy way to get this look in your own home.

rustic chic shiplap

4. Burlap Flowers Craft – You can give almost anything a more rustic chic look by adding a little embellishment. I like to make burlap flowers to decorate wreaths, books, signs or gifts. This easy craft project can add a little farmhouse charm to your home. Just check out my tutorial for burlap flowers!

rustic chic flowers

Rustic DIY To Try For A Farmhouse Kitchen

If you are a fan of Instagram, you may have noticed a photo or two with the hashtags of farmhouse or farmhouse style. It is basically a big style trend using a lot of rustic and vintage accessories with a neutral color palette. This style has really taken off thanks to the HGTV show, Fixer Upper, with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

I especially like this style in a kitchen as it’s very easy to incorporate vintage kitchen items into the decor. Things like vintage scales, old baskets, and antique pottery are all natural fits. Of course old windows, doors and crates also find there way into the kitchen quite easily. Although there are plenty of natural or rustic finishes, the kitchens normally are chic and modern with appliances and fixtures. Here are a couple of examples of farmhouse style kitchens:

farmhouse kitchen

I love that rustic island from Our Vintage Home Love! Also, the open shelving, vintage accessories and neutral palette are all perfect examples of a farmhouse kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen

The rustic touches in Buckets of Burlap’s kitchen are so warm and inviting! Those combined with the sleek white keep is chic and modern.

Even though these are farmhouse style, they don’t quite remind me of my grandma’s farm! But, I do love the charm and nostalgia of the rustic and vintage touches.

If you want to get the look of a farmhouse kitchen or you already have one and want to add some more of your own decor to it, I have some easy rustic DIY ideas that you can try for some added style.

This first idea is a ten dollar, budget friendly, rustic window shutter that offers a ton of bang for the buck! Anne from Design Dreams by Anne shows just how easy it is to whip up these adorable shutters. I was lucky enough to find vintage shutters for one of our cabin bathroom windows but now I am excited to use some of our leftover barn wood for a few other windows using Anne’s idea.

farmhouse kitchen

To dress up your table, you might want to try these fun Pottery Barn Inspired placemats by City Farmhouse. The neutral color and rustic texture adds a perfect touch to a farmhouse table.

farmhouse kitchen placemats

Another fun way to incorporate some farmhouse style into your kitchen is with your lighting. With a wiring kit it’s easy to make your own unique lighting using industrial or vintage accessories. We made just such a light for our cabin kitchen using a vintage kitchen sifter and a pendant wiring kit. It gave us a unique rustic look that would also be perfect for a farmhouse kitchen. I can picture two or three of these hanging above a rustic island. All we had to do was run the wire, from the kit, through the top of the sifter for this DIY light.

farmhouse kitchen

In keeping with the theme of repurposing kitchen items to use in other ways, check out this fun idea from Homeroad using a cheese grater.

farmhouse kitchen utensil holder

What a fun way to hold utensils! I love the addition of the reclaimed wood as a backer and the cheese grater handle just makes the perfect towel holder.

My last example is such a creative idea using bread boards. I would never have thought of making a tote out of bread boards but that is exactly what Angie from Knick Of Time did. She used several bread boards to construct a kitchen tote and then used stencils to create a warm message from the kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen tote

Hopefully, one of these projects gives you some inspiration for your own kitchen. If you are still looking for more, you might want to check out my post on DIY shiplap walls. Shiplap is super popular in farmhouse kitchens and if your house didn’t happen to come equipped with this wood, there are ways to add it new or even get the look for less money.

My husband and I added shiplap to a kitchen wall in the house we renovated for my daugher and son in law. The back wall and ceiling already had the shiplap original to the house. The little side wall was once an entry door, which we closed up. We just added the shiplap there to match the adjoining wall.

shiplap walls


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