Ten Fun Ways To Repurpose Drawers

Have you ever been the recipient of a chest of drawers that you were determined to make over but the job was proving to be just too labor intensive.  Maybe two or three of the drawers were cracked, completely broken or even missing.  Don’t worry – not all is lost!

You don’t have to totally give up on the entire project when you can still salvage the useable drawers for other purposes.  Who knows, you may end up gaining more unique functionality, for your home, by using the drawers creatively, than by simply having the use of a dresser.  I will cover how to repurpose the empty chest, once the drawers are all removed, in a later post.

For now, here are several ways that you can repurpose drawers to use in your home decor.

self watering planter
Self watering planter by Instructables

Here is a very unique idea for a self watering planter.  I really like the different stain colors on the drawers for an interesting look.

old drawer underbed storage
Old drawer underbed storage by Martha Stewart

I love the idea of underbed storage and definitely dislike the idea of plastic bins….if it is going to show at all.  That is when an old drawer is a perfect solution for underbed storage that shows.  Just add four casters to each drawer for easy rolling and you are all set.

Here is another photo that shows the castors a little better:

old drawer underbed storage
Old drawer underbed storage by Picklee

Another fun idea is to use old drawers as wall shelves.

old drawer shelves
Old drawer shelves by HGTV

This arrangement was used in a bathroom for holding jewelry but it would look great anywhere for displaying vintage finds.  The vintage photo backdrops gives them a special appeal.

shelves made from drawers
shelves made from drawers by Earth911

You could also mount small drawers to the wall, at the back, for handy storage in your craft room.

drawer side table
Drawer side table by Beyond The Picket Fence

This side table is one of my favorites!  I love the hinged top that was made for the drawer which allows for hidden storage underneath.  The colorful paint on this is just so fun and unique.

drawer table
Drawer table by Woman's Day

A similar but more simple idea is to make a drawer side table with an open top.  This is handy for storage items that you don’t mind being visible.

diy drawer pet bed
DIY drawer pet bed by DIY Showoff

Okay…this is just waaaay too cute!  What pet wouldn’t love their own fancy bed like this one?

dresser headboard
Dresser headboard by BHG

Coming up with unique headboards are always a fun challenge.  This idea takes a bit of careful planning with the layout to get a design that looks as seamless as this one but it would definitely be worth the effort.

drawer ottoman
Drawer ottoman

How often could you use another ottoman to rest your feet on?  A large drawer can be easily converted into a stylish ottoman with the addition of feet and a nice comfy cushion.

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Repurposing!

Fun and Creative Thread Spool Crafts

If you are in to sewing, chances are you have a few spools of thread lying around.  And……once they are empty it seems like there should be something that could be done with those spools.  After all, they are pretty cool looking….especially the wooden ones!

Well luckily there are plenty of fun and creative things that can be done with thread spools!  I actually like to collect vintage wooden spools just for thread spool crafts.

My favorite thing to make are little shabby chic photo holders.

thread spool photo holder by rustic-crafts.com

I have actually made these for my store as well to use as wedding table number holders.

Here are some other creative ideas that I have found:

Wooden Spool Wine Corks by A Beautiful Mess

wooden spool wine corks
Wooden spool wine corks

This craft actually uses homemade spools but you could instead use your own leftover thread spools or collected vintage spools.  How often do you have just a small amount of thread left on your spool that you just know won’t be enough to finish a project?

Vintage Spool Hooks by Makezine

vintage spool hooks
Vintage spool hooks by Makezine

Thread spools make great looking pegs for a hanging rack.  I used one in my hallway to hang this vintage receipt holder that I use for photos:

thread spool picture hanger by rustic-crafts.com

Thread Spool Nest by Just Something I Made

thread spool nest
Thread spool nest by Just Something I Made

This little thread spool nest is so adorable and makes a perfect rustic decor accent for pretty much anywhere.

Spool Napkin Ring Place card by Lauren Elise Crafted

spool placecard napkin ring
Spool napkin ring place card by Lauren Elise Crafted

I like how this thread spool doubles as a napkin ring and place card.

Rustic Fishing Pole by Made By Joel

rustic fishing pole
Rustic fishing pole by Made By Joel

And finally, for kids, I thought this fishing pole was a super cute idea!  The wooden thread spool makes a perfect reel.

What ideas do you have for thread spool crafts?  I would love to hear your ideas!

Happy Crafting!

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Ten DIY Cabinet Knobs That Add Pizzazz To Dull Cabinets

Are you tired of your kitchen or bath cabinets?  Or maybe you have a chest of drawers that just doesn’t quite wow you.  Instead of a full makeover, maybe all you need to do is switch out your dresser or cabinet knobs.

This change of hardware is often enough to give an instant face-lift and energizing affect to your tired looking cabinetry.  Of course it could also be done in conjunction with a full makeover if needed.

I rounded up some of the most creative diy cabinet knobs that I could find to bring you this list of ideas.  All of them are sure to bring an exciting change to any standard knobs that you may have.

DIY Cabinet Knobs:

1.  Heart Rock Drawer Pulls

heart shaped rock drawer pull
Heart rock drawer pull by My Rustic House

The last time that I was in Florida, I collected several heart shaped rocks exactly for an idea like this one.  I am still waiting for the right piece of furniture to use them on in our cabin but have a dresser makeover coming up soon!

2.  Faucet Handle Knobs

faucet handle knobs
Faucet handle knobs by Wit And Whistle

These old faucet handles were spray painted and then used for a cool new look to update some bathroom cabinets.  Not only do I love the fun shape but the color choices are fun as well.

3.  Vintage Inspired Knobs

diy cabinet knobs


I gave an old dresser with plain wooden knobs a very easy upgrade using the existing knobs.  For starters, I added a small rectangular wooden piece that I stained, glued to the area in back of where the knob would go, and drilled a hole for the knob bolt.  I also stained the knobs a darker color than the painted dresser and added a glass bubble to the front with some vintage paper adhered to the back.  You can see the entire project at the link above or by clicking on the photo.

4.  Twine Wrapped Knobs

twine wrapped knobs
Twine wrapped knobs by Pennington Point

Another way to repurpose some old knobs is to simply wrap them in twine.

5.  Vintage Lock Drawer Pull

vintage lock drawer pull
Vintage lock drawer pull by BHG

Here is a fun rustic look that would be great for just the right piece of furniture.

6.  Vintage Ruler Drawer Pulls

vintage ruler drawer pulls
Vintage ruler drawer pulls by BHG

Another excellent idea coming from BHG is to use vintage rulers as drawer pulls.  The look definitely enhances the overall feel of the vintage dresser.   I would love these in a rustic kitchen as well.

7.  Vintage Spoon Cabinet Pulls

vintage spoon cabinet pulls
Vintage spoon cabinet pulls by Hutch Studio

I am always seeing vintage silverware odds and ends at antique stores or flea markets.  It would be fun to pick up some pieces just for a project like this.

8. Knob Makeover With Vinyl

knob makeover with vinyl
Knob makeover with vinyl by The Scrap Shoppe Blog

These plain white knobs were given quite a makeover using vinyl.  See exactly how this was done by clicking on the link or photo.

9.  Clay Label Knobs

clay knobs
Clay label knobs by Liz Marie Blog

You can make your own knobs from clay and stamp labels on them for handy organization.  All you need are knob bases to attach the knobs to.

10.  Vintage Button Knob


diy cabinet knob

I gave this knob a little makeover by attaching a vintage button to the top.

I hope you have been inspired!



Vintage Door Knob Crafts

Vintage door knobs, that are either glass or porcelain, make great accessories to use in craft projects.  They already have an appealing look to them and can easily be repurposed into a useful and decorative home decor accent.

I have had a glass door knob, that I’ve been wanting to do something with, and decided to make it into a unique photo holder.

vintage door knob photo holder by rustic-crafts.com

vintage door knob craft by rustic-crafts.com

I looped heavy gauge florist wire through the screw hole of the knob and twisted it together with pliers to secure.  While the wire was straight, I strung two vintage inspired keys through the wire so that they would rest at the base of the knob.  Then, at the other end of the wire, I just formed a double round loop for holding photos or notes.

I added a twine knot at the top of the keys and tucked the ends into the top of knob opening with some glue.  The final touch was the addition of a small ribbon tied to the florist wire that showed through the keys.

Here are some more vintage door knob crafts that I found:

1.  Vintage Door Knob Vases by Chipping With Charm

vintage door knob vases
Vintage door knob vases by Chipping With Charm

These little porcelain door knob vases with the book page flowers are so incredibly sweet.  Just fill the knob opening with flower picks or handmade flowers like these.

2.  Vintage Door Knob Curtain Tie Back by HGTV

door knob curtain tie back
Door knob curtain tie back by HGTV

Door knobs make beautiful curtain tie backs.  Get the step by step instructions from HGTV!

3.  Door Knob Bookend by Poppy Petunia

door knob bookend
Door knob bookend idea by Poppy Petunia

This idea could be replicated by gluing, with E6000 craft glue, a vintage door knob to a painted or stained piece of wood that is either trimmed out or left plain.

4.  Vintage Door Knob Dresser Pulls by Lovely Etc.

door knob dresser pulls
Door knob dresser pulls by Lovely Etc.

Here is a fun way to add some glamour to a dresser.  These door knobs just screw right in for an easy makeover.

5.  Vintage Door Knob Towel Holders by Vintage Mellie

door knob towel holders
Door knob towel holders by Vintage Mellie

Leaving the plates attached to the knobs gives another great look that is especially fitting for these towel holders.

Do you still need some more ideas?  Check out my other post on Door Knob Crafts which is full of more unique ideas!

Happy Crafting!

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Make A Journal For Organizing And Goal Keeping

With the start of the new year, it is a great time to start new goals and organize your time, budget and plans.  I like to write everything out in a journal but find that even that can require a bit of discipline.

To help make the process a little more fun, I think it’s nice to have a journal to go to that is fun and inspiring.  It helps to jump start the brain when you need a little extra push.

So, creating a journal that is meaningful to you is not only a fun project but one that will keep giving back to you throughout the year.

I made this journal, using a variety of mixed media, and have it setting out in my office for easy access when an idea hits me.  I think if I had left the journal plain, it would have ended up in a drawer and my thoughts and goals would have been quickly forgotten.

mixed media journal by rustic-crafts.com

You can see how I made this at my post, Transforming A Journal With Mixed Media Art.

Here are some more ideas, that you could use, to make a journal that you would want to set out and use:

Sew A Small Journal by Craft Snob

make a small journal
Make a small journal by Craft Snob

Used Grocery Bag Journal by Judy Wise

used grocery bag journal
Used grocery bag journal by Judy Wise

What a great way to recycle grocery bags!  Not only do they look fantastic in a journal form but this makes the project extremely budget friendly too.

Suede Journal Covers by Lil Blue Boo

suede journal covers
Suede journal covers by Lil Blue Boo

Making A Journal From Greeting Cards by Jenni Bellie Studio

greeting card journal
Greeting card journal by Jenni Bellie Studio

This is such a great use for greeting cards!  I know that I have a hard time throwing cards out when they are decorated so pretty.

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Crafting!

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