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Rustic Chic Farmhouse Crafts

Right now, the rage in decorating is farmhouse style. I have always been a fan of this rustic chic way of decorating. Typically, rustic chic is a blending of the old and warm accessories with more modern and cool details. Farmhouse style incorporates a lot of rustic or vintage items with a lot of white. A neutral palette with warm, rustic accessories make a room especially comfortable which basically defines a farmhouse.

How To Create Rustic Chic

It’s fairly easy to accessorize with vintage or antique pieces. There are so many antique malls, flea markets and garages sales that are filled with all sorts of that wonderful and nostalgic paraphernalia. But, decorating with the old isn’t the only way to achieve a farmhouse style. Decorating farmhouse style can also be achieved by creating something new for your space that is comfortable, warm and inviting. Decor craft projects not only provide a fun new accessory but the fact that the new accessory is handmade makes it perfect for a farmhouse style.

Rustic Chic Craft Ideas

1. DIY Farmhouse Signs – Farmhouse signs are one of the most popular accessories in a farmhouse style home. Although you can purchase these at many stores, it can be more cost effective and personal if you make your own. This sign DIY project by The Crazy Craft Lady is a great example of what can be done with rustic wood, paint and a stencil. Check out her blog for the full tutorial!

rustic chic sign

2. Farmhouse Wreath – What is more welcoming to a home than a warm wreath on display? This wreath craft project by Dandelion Patina is the essence of true farmhouse style. This burlap and white wreath is made from a simple straw wreath decorated with a tablecloth, burlap and lace. Check out her tutorial for all of the easy instructions!

rustic chic wreath

3. DIY Shiplap in a frame – Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, shiplap is all the rage for a farmhouse style. If you don’t have any shiplap walls in your own, no worries. It’s easy to create your own using plywood. Check out this tutorial for framed shiplap by At Home With Natalie for a quick and easy way to get this look in your own home.

rustic chic shiplap

4. Burlap Flowers Craft – You can give almost anything a more rustic chic look by adding a little embellishment. I like to make burlap flowers to decorate wreaths, books, signs or gifts. This easy craft project can add a little farmhouse charm to your home. Just check out my tutorial for burlap flowers!

rustic chic flowers

Five Fantastic Rustic Crafts For Home Decor

I am often amazed by what you can put together with old junk and make it look somehow quite wonderful in a new setting. Take rusty old nails for instance, who would think they could really be decorative? This vase shows just how chic they can look given the right arrangement and setting! Finding rustic crafts for home decor just got easier with these fun ideas!

Rustic Crafts For Home Decor

rusty nail vase
Rusty nail vase by Shelterness

The easy to make vase by Shelterness simply uses a bottle, rusty carpenter nails and a couple of pieces of wire.

Of course, not all rustic crafts deal with items that are actually rusty! Probably what first comes to mind when thinking of a rustic craft is nature. This next idea uses nothing but twigs and branches to construct an awesome faux deer head.

branch deer head
Branch deer head by Atta Girl Amy on Hometalk

This is quite the sculpture, making a fantastic rustic accent. See all of the details on Hometalk.

A fun re-purpose project is to take old bedsprings and turn them into decorative photo holders.

bedspring photo holder
Bedspring photo holder by Four Corners Design

Get the detailed instructions for this rustic craft at Four Corners Design.

Another re-purpose project uses an old soup crate. Crates are an excellent item to use in all sorts of crafts. This one turned on its side and placed on hair pin legs makes a very stylish wine rack.

crate wine rack
Crate wine rack by Mayamade

See all of the details at Maya Made.

If you like to collect driftwood, like I do, then you might enjoy turning a piece or two into a decorative votive candle holder like these examples by The Golden Jellybean.

driftwood candle holders
Driftwood candle holders by The Golden Jellybean

For many more craft ideas, see my whole category dedicated just to Rustic Crafts.

Happy Crafting!

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