50 Valentine Crafts

valentine crafts

Valentines Day is the most romantic holiday of the year so it is no wonder there are so many craft projects out there to help celebrate the occasion!

I must say though, that even I was surprised at the variety of creative valentine crafts that I found for just this one holiday.  Instead of sharing maybe ten or fifteen different craft projects with you, I am going to be able to share a whopping total of fifty!

I’m thinking there are probably one or two that may appeal to you.

To get to all of the great tutorials, just click on the photo that interests you.

Enjoy and have a happy Valentines Day!

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

Valentine votives, festive treat cups, a decorative Valentine Vignette and crayon hearts in a funky display…

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

A festive topiary, love sign and tray, and a card to make someones special day.

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

Love tags, the key to happiness, a simple and chic Valentine tree and a French inspired pillow to make the day festive.

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

Make hearts from felt, wood, paper or even coffee filters for yourself or to give.

valentine-crafts valentine crafts valentine crafts valentine-crafts

So many fun choices between heart garland, unique twig cupid arrows, a decorative candle holder with a cut out heart and love letters wrapped in yarn!

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

More hearts to decorate in a rustic chic style and some decorative boxes to hold a special gift.

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

It’s all about love with these decorative crafts!  And, who can resist the line up of chic mailboxes just waiting for all of the special valentines!

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

Believe it or not, all of these crafts are super easy to complete….which allows you enough time to take on several of these wonderful ideas!

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

From match boxes and old paper to juice can lids and a deck of cards, these crafts all use recycled materials.

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

A decorative sign, a tree of love, a friendly game or a basket of hearts?  Which will you choose?

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

Some of the crafts work great for gifts or favors.

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

Wow!  we’ve already been through 48 amazing valentine crafts…..only two more to go….

valentine-crafts valentine-crafts

Did you find a craft project that you will want to try?  How many?

Enjoy and have a festive Valentines Day!

Five Romantic Crafts For Valentines Day And Beyond

You can create crafts for Valentines Day that are romantic without being too thematic  for the holiday.

If you are looking for a more subtle way to create something endearing, you may want to try one of these five romantic crafts that can be used to decorate with at any time of the year.

The examples that I have chosen are all in a rustic or shabby chic style.

To begin with, a fun monogram done with the initial of that special person in your life would be a romantic craft to create and put on display.  Just decoupage newspaper or other decorative paper to a paper mache or wooden letter.  I like how this one is complemented with it’s surrounding decor.  The candles on top, candy at the bottom and flower along side all add a feel of romance to the whole shelf.


I love how these boxes are wrapped in decorative romantic craft paper and then are displayed in this cubed book shelf.   The combination of the old books and festive papers make this display especially romantic.

These mason jar candle holders wrapped in lace doilies and trimmed out with twine, ribbon and buttons create a wonderful romantic setting, especially when the candles are lit.  Green Owl Craft shows you just how to make some of these.

You can’t get much more romantic than the word love!  This shabby “love” wreath arrangement shows a great way to spread some happiness all year long.


Finally, this French inspired  pink box would make a perfect accent piece in your shabby chic decor.  The French words, beaded hearts and pink color all help to make this positively romantic.

All of these craft ideas would be great to make for Valentines Day but what I like the most about them is the fact that they can be displayed all year long.  A shabby chic style typically holds a bit of the romantic so all of these ideas could be incorporated well into your decor without looking out of place after the holiday.

Happy Crafting!

A Collection Of Valentine Crafts

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away so it is time to get busy with some fun Valentine crafts to give away as gifts or to just use for mood setting decor.

You know I always pick the crafts that are on the rustic or shabby chic side for style or the ones that are recycled crafts, which was a little harder to find with Valentine crafts.  However, I was able to find a nice collection for you that should be fun to give away or use in decorating.

To start, I made this fun little love nest craft real quick and easy.  All I did was shaped a handful of Spanish moss into a heart, threw in a few rocks, and put letter stickers on the rocks to spell out the word “love”.  You can’t get much easier than that!

Here are the rest of the craft ideas that I found for you:

2.  I love this first craft I found!  A cute shabby display featuring the words “He Holds The Key To My Heart” by I Love It All By Monika Wright.

3.  How about recycling a deck of cards to make a “52 Things I Love About You” album?  Peppermint Creative put together this fun album with easy to follow directions.  She even has a  free download for printing off the insert messages for the cards.

4.  This scruffy heart card from Crafty Makes is both shabby chic in style and uses recyclable material in the design.  Recycled packing paper and sewing paper were both used to create this!

5.  This Valentine tree by Then She Made would be  fun to display or give as a gift.  Each paper “branch” could hold a personalized message for a special someone.

6.  I love this hanging burlap heart by Tatertots and Jello.  Check out the tutorial to see just how easy and inexpensive it was to make.

7.  Putting a sweet message in a shabby chic picture frame is a great way to add some mood setting decor for the holiday.  The Idea Room put together such a pretty display with a perfect valentine message.

8.  I would love to look outside and see the birds feasting off of this cute little valentine treat.  Under The Table And Dreaming shows you how you can easily make this.

9.  This 3D paper craft heart by Craft Ideas is a lot of fun.

And finally,

10.  Don’t you just love this valentine mantel by Finding Home for some fun DIY decor?

Which valentine craft is your favorite?  Share your thoughts below, I would love to hear from you!

Happy Crafting!