Time With Family!

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I have projects to do and chores to be done but I’ve been a little distracted!  As a mom with two chicks out of the nest already, I value any of the times that we get to spend all together as a family.

Fortunately, I get to see my oldest daughter quite often as she only lives about 30 miles from us.  However, my middle daughter lives in Brooklyn and although she comes home several times a year and we visit there, it is never quite enough.  The short visits fly by way too quickly!

Her next visit home is in less than a week and she will be home for a full two weeks….no actually 15 days – even better!!!  We will be spending some time at our cabin just chillin and gathering with more family members.

I love our weekends up there but a long vacation is a much needed and treasured time with family.


Kelsey’s last visit home..just a month ago!  It was just a measly short weekend though.  I am so excited for a full two weeks plus one day!

There will be plenty of laughing, relaxing, card playing, boat riding, eating out and shopping (of course!).

The last time all of us were at the cabin was last year for Labor Day weekend.  We had the entire family including boyfriends and our close family friends.

We filled up almost the entire staircase!  This was a great test of my husband’s building quality.  I remember yelling, before the picture was taken, “don’t lean on the railing!”  I did trust the quality…kind of.  However, several of the guys were draping themselves over it at first and I had visions of the entire structure and us landing on the floor below.

What kinds of things do you like to do with your family?  Take this fun quiz provided by the Ladies Home Journal to see what type of TV family you are most like:

Quiz:  What Type Of TV Family Are You Most Like?

I took the quiz and found that we are most like the Cosby’s!  That may be true on most days and on some days….maybe the Munsters?  Let me know what you find out!

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