Vintage Craft: A Wooden Bobbin Turned Vase

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On a recent shopping trip to an antique mall, I collected several different styles of antique bobbins.  I just love the primitive look!  I have seen these larger ones used for candle holders, which is something I might do with a pair of them, but I wanted to try something a little different for this one.

I have been wanting to make use of some more of my vintage sheet music and decided right away that whatever I made it would be decorated with sheet music.

Since the bobbin has a nice size hole going all the way through the cylinder, I figured it would be great to use as a small vase.  I wouldn’t even have to close up the bottom because the hole was small enough to hole my arrangement tightly!  Obviously, I would only use branches and dried florals for this!

Here are all of the materials that I used:

Materials List:

  • vintage wooden industrial bobbin
  • vintage sheet music
  • spray adhesive
  • decorative ribbon
  • birch branches
  • dried florals
  • white paint
  • tacky glue
  • Mod Podge decoupage
  • soft paint brush

1.  First, I cut the sheet music to fit around the bobbin with just a slight overlap.  Then I sprayed the back with spray adhesive and attached it carefully to the bobbin.

2.  Then, I applied a coat of Mod Podge decoupage, with a soft paint brush, to the paper to protect and seal it to the wood.  I used a matte finish.  I let this dry for about a half hour before continuing project.

3.  I cut two sections of ribbon to fit around the top and bottom edge of the sheet music and glued them in place with tacky glue.  I then tied a section of white ribbon that I had around the middle for some extra flair.

4.  Since I wanted to keep a cream and white color shabby chic color scheme going on, I decided to paint my birch branches cream, leaving just a touch of the natural color peaking through in spots.  I also added a touch of cream paint around the opening of the bobbin to highlight it.   When the branches were dry,  I just stuck them through the opening with my other floral picks.

Happy Crafting!

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