Vintage Decor: Decorating With Vintage Cream And Sugar Sets

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Even though I don’t actually ever use those beautiful old tea sets, I love the look of them!  You can find them all over at flea markets, antique stores and estate sales.  Because of all the different designs and shapes, they make a great collectors items.

I just inherited several different sets from my in-laws when they cleaned out their china cabinet.  I loved them all but I had just one little problem.  I don’t have a large china cabinet for storage myself.  I have a small cabinet that just fits all of my china nicely.

So what to do with all of these sets?

Since I wanted a few of them displayed, I decided to give them a second use and kill two birds with one stone.  Here are a few of the ways that I came up with for using my cream and sugar sets:

The first place that I thought of was in my bathroom.  I can always use more small storage accessories for the counter.  A cream and sugar set would be the perfect vintage decor with the pretty florals!  I put my make up brushes in the creamer and filled the sugar bowl with cotton balls.  I’m happier using these for storage than the glass containers that I was using before.

Another obvious place to go was in the kitchen.  I can always use more counter storage containers for small items.  A creamer would be perfect for storing some of my decorative cheese spreaders.  Now they will be right at my fingertips when I need to use one.  The creamer also adds a nice little bright spot to the corner of my counter.

The third idea I had was to use one of the larger sugar bowls as a candy or nut dish.  I usually don’t have candy in the house so I filled this one with pistachios.

Another idea I had was to use some of the sugar and creamers as planters and line them up by a window.  I just have to get some plants yet!  I think the variety of floral patterns would look nice and Springy all lined up together!

I hope these ideas have inspired you!  These are something to keep in mind when you do your flea market shopping.  A vintage cream and sugar set would be a good find for your vintage decorating!

Happy Decorating!