A Living Room Style Combining The Old, The New & Birch

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What do you call a living room style that combines traditional furnishings with old and shabby, a field stone fireplace and a couple of birch lamps thrown in for good measure?  I like to call it–rustique!  Something a little more refined than straight rustic but a little more relaxed than your basic traditional.

I had been looking for a table to put in front of my sofa ever since we moved into our house about eight years ago.  It’s not that there weren’t any tables available at any of the furniture stores.  I just couldn’t find the right one.  Our living room is quite small and I didn’t want anything that would overpower the room.  Also, I really was hoping to find something unique.

Well on a day that I wasn’t even looking, I was just in a fun eclectic furniture store…browsing, this shabby looking trunk shouted at me.  Actually, someone in the cubby where the trunk was located was talking loudly which drew my attention.  However, it would have gained my attention anyway because it was PERFECT!

I could not believe that someone had taken what looked to be an old military foot locker and distressed painted it in a color that went absolutely perfect with my sofa.  Then to make it more fun and chic, they attached these fantastic antique claw feet.

I told my husband we definitely had to buy it.  I’m not usually so determined so he took me seriously but was a little skeptical.  He thought the color wouldn’t go.  I of course assured him that it would and was only slightly annoyed that he would even doubt me.

This purchase was exactly what I had been looking for without even knowing it.  I needed a bit more shabby in my design.  I love the fact that someone had created this piece out of unusual items.  It makes it a fun conversation piece as well.

I added a naturally distressed birdhouse, that I had, to the top along with a ceramic bird and a stack of decorating books and I was good to go.

The shabby trunk was also a complement to all of the old and tattered books that I use throughout the living room as accent decor.  Here I have them flanked with a set of traditional book ends.  In other areas, I simply set out a small stack of antique books.

In addition to the shabby items, I like to bring in a little nature to relax a room.  One of the ways I did this is with the birch lamps that we make.   The light, soft color of the birch blends easily with the other colors.

So, for the not so formal living room, these are some options you may want to think about.  You can relax a room as little or as much as you want by the amount of shabby or rustic elements that you decide to add.

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