Industrial Decorating Ideas Using Pulleys

Metal and wood pulleys previously used on a farm or in a factory may seem like the last thing that you would want to put in your home, especially as a decorative piece.  However, industrial decorating is becoming more and more popular and you are even starting to see replicas of industrial metals, like gears and pulleys, in home decor stores. These industrial decorating ideas show how to use pulleys in the home.

Industrial Decorating Ideas

Colored Metal Pulleys As Fun Accents

red industrial pulley

Add a splash of color to your room with a pulley in a color that you like. Put it on a shelf or mantel or wherever you need a little extra color.

Add Color To Pulleys With Florals

Since colored pulleys are harder to find, you can always paint them or add color in another way.

pulley with florals


I wound a floral pick around this pulley and hung it on the wall.

industrial decorating with pulleys


Make A Lamp With A Pulley

red pulley light

This very rustic industrial light is hanging over my husband’s work station in the garage.

industrial decorating ideas - pulley light

SOURCE: This Old House

Here is another version of a pulley light used inside a house. If you want to add some color to a pulley light, try using a metal shade in your favorite color.

Use Pulleys As Bookends

industrial pulley bookends

A pair of pulleys make fun bookends in industrial decorating. These are large and heavy enough to use on their own. However, smaller pulleys can be fastened to wood for use as bookends.

pulley bookend

A single pulley works as well for anchoring a stack of books.

pulley bookend

Group Pulleys With Other Decor

pulley on shelf

A large pulley makes a nice industrial backdrop for other rustic items.

pulley set on shelf

Combine a couple of different sized pulleys for added interest.

industrial decorating ideas

SOURCE: Funky Junk Interiors

This pulley looks perfectly natural on her mantel with the other rustic elements.

Have you used pulleys in your decor?  In what ways have you come up with?

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  1. Use a pully for a hanging houseplant

  2. Great article! I sell a lot of pulleys and I love your pics 🙂


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