Tasteful Thanksgiving Easy Decor Ideas

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With Thanksgiving coming up, we all want some unique ideas for some tasteful Thanksgiving decor.  Those working in real estate often have a great eye for what works and what doesn’t.  This guest post is brought to you by Julianna Lundblad of Elliman Real Estate/NYC rentals.  Here is what she has to say:

Thanksgiving is that treasured time for food, family and celebration.  A house is a reflection of its owner, so it should convey the celebratory mood during this time of year.  This year, consider putting the tired pilgrims and turkeys to rest, and try decorating with something different.  Use nature as inspiration and the result will be elegance and beauty.

A good place to start is the outside of the house since it is the first impressions for your visitors.  Pumpkins, cornstalks and haystacks are reminiscent of the season and can be arranged into a pleasing display on the porch.  Consider a wreath made from natural materials for the front door and tie the grouping together with similar colors.  Don’t go overboard; less is more.

The focal point of Thanksgiving dinner is, of course, the dining table.  Start with a solid colored tablecloth, or leave a wood table bare.  For the rest of the table linens, keep the color scheme consistent with the colors found outside.  Deep hues of green, brown, gold, red, orange and purple look lovely together and they convey a feeling of warmth.  Use a combination or use one for a more monochromatic and simple look.  The use of fabric napkins and napkin rings adds sophistication.  Chargers under the plates will add interest and give china a new look.

Look outdoors for inspiration for your table decor.  Consider scattering fresh, brightly colored leaves, pine cones or small pumpkins in the center.  Place an interestingly shaped cutting from your favorite tree in a vase with glass pebbles.  Place fruits or vegetables in a decorative bowl.  Artificial materials can look just as beautful as natural ones if chosen carefully.  Look for a realistic or artistic interpretation of a natural material.  Experiment with the colors and the shapes, but keep the table arrangement balanced for the best aesthetic effect.

Lighting is an important part of an atmosphere.  Using several sources of low light rather than one source of bright light creates a lovely affect.  Weave a battery operated string of miniature Christmas lights around the leaves or other chosen material on the table.  Use votive candles or tea lights scattered around the center of the table.  One or both of these used with larger candles and ambient light will produce a gorgeous result.

Get inspired from magazines or store browsing.  Use trial and error, sometimes just moving one item will perfect the arrangement.  Let the creative juices flow along with the turkey juices, but let the turkey be dinner, not the decor.

Written by Julianna Lundblad  – @juliannanyc

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