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My shop is a curated list of products available on Amazon. Everything listed here are my picks for decorating a rustic home. Whether urban rustic, farmhouse, or rustic chic, these decor items will be a good fit. You will also find craft supplies that are needed to complete many of the projects here. Browse the featured items and check back often as new inventory is added or changed.

Rustic Home Decor

Craft Supplies

Easily shop for the craft supplies needed for the rustic crafts and DIY home decor projects featured here.

crafts tote

Craft Tote

For crafting on the go, this tote holds your supplies!


This is a one foot by twelve yard roll of natural jute burlap. It is perfect to use in many of the burlap crafts featured.
river rocks

River Rocks

Use these for the rock crafts found here.
birch branches

Birch Branch Bundles

Many of my rustic crafts include the use of birch branches. These bundles can either be used for display or to use in a project.
birch poles

Birch Poles

These birch poles come in a set of four. They are four feet tall and have a dimension of between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 inches. Use them as is to set in a vase or as a rustic curtain rod. You can also cut them to shorter lengths to use in some of the birch craft projects.
soap dispensers

Soap Dispensers

Use these to make your own mason jar soap dispensers.
rustic bucket

Rustic Bucket

scrabble tiles

Scrabble Tiles

craft glue

E6000 Craft Glue

craft scissors

Craft Scissors

jute twine

Jute Twine