With a blog focusing on DIY and decorating ideas, there have been many questions popping up about technique or general understanding. I developed this FAQ page to answer some of these common questions.

Questions on Home DIY:

Is there a way to update existing tile instead of replacing it?

Tiles that are not in a tub or shower area can be easily updated. The best way to update existing tile is with paint. Whether you choose a grouping of tiles to paint on stencils or paint the entire tiled area, a color or pattern change can make a dramatic difference. You’ll need to clean and deglaze the tiles before adding the paint but the outcome is durable. For complete details, see how to paint tile.

What do thin bricks need to be applied to for an interior wall?

For interior applications, the best way to apply thin bricks is to clean, uncoated drywall or cement board. If you are installing the bricks in an area of moisture exposure, like in a kitchen or bathroom, it is better to use cement board. The cement board is also a stronger base for the bricks than drywall. I would not recommend applying the bricks directly to old plaster as it may be more prone to cracking and bulging. For the easiest installation process, check out the tutorial on how to install an interior brick wall.

Do you have to stain an OSB floor before the varathane finish?

Staining the floor is an option but definitely not a necessary step before the Varathane finish. It really depends on the overall color or hue that you want the floor to have. If you don’t apply stain, the finished color will be a warm golden hue with varying wood tones throughout. The darker tones will be made deeper and richer with the Varathane. The post on how to finish an osb floor will provide further details on the process.

What does painted upholstered furniture feel like?

The painted fabric will feel a little scratchy and somewhat stiffer than unpainted upholstery. It will basically feel like a rough canvas. Because the paint is mixed with a textile medium, it doesn’t chip or flake. The procedure also calls for spraying the fabric with water between coats. You can see all of the details at how to paint an upholstered chair.

Questions on Craft Techniques:

I don’t have any aged paper. Is there a way to make paper look aged?

You can make any paper look old by rubbing a steeped tea bag over the paper. Once dry, the stained paper looks naturally aged. For all of the details, see how to age paper.

Is there an easy way to do chalkboard lettering?

There is a super easy way to get professional looking chalkboard lettering. All you have to do is create and print the words, in WordPress or Photoshop, with your desired font. Next transfer the word to a chalkboard by rubbing the back of the paper with chalk and then trace the letters. You can do this with lettering or any printed art. See the visual tutorial at chalkboard art the easy way.

General Decorating Questions:

What is shiplap?

Shiplap is either a rough-sawn horizontal pine paneling that slightly overlaps the board below it or is a milled board with a rabbet joint to hold the boards together. This type of wall covering is typically used in a farmhouse style decor. To get a better idea, see these pictures of shiplap in a home.