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profileWelcome!  I’m Renee and the crafter, decorator and DIY-er behind Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor.  In my earlier life, I worked in Accounting but gave that all up to stay at home to raise my wonderful family.

Besides enjoying all of the aspects of parenting and homemaking, I also came to love decorating and creating various crafts.   I especially love decorating with vintage accessories and flea market finds.

At first it was out of necessity.  When we were first married, we couldn’t afford a lot of new furniture and home decor.  Luckily, we were given lots of antique furniture and heirlooms that we re-purpose and use in our home.  I quickly found that these items had a quality that you just don’t find in some of the newer accessories.  Plus, they added such a sense of nostalgia and character that I have continued to incorporate vintage collections into my decorating style for added warmth.

In conjunction with my decorating passion, I also love the home construction process – especially the design!  In 1993, I acquired my builders license so that I could effectively be the general contractor for the new home my husband and I were building for ourselves.  Plus, having a builders license allowed us to get wonderful contractor discounts – oh yeah!!!

Working on craft projects became a natural extension to the decorating that I loved to do.  Then, in about 1998, I went into a craft business selling primarily birch lamps as well as other rustic crafts.  My husband crafted the lamps and I decorated the lampshades and made all of the accessory crafts to sell.  We went around to various arts and crafts fairs throughout the state of Michigan as well as selling our items to some rustic decor stores.  A job change for my husband and relocation ended my business and I focused on decorating another new home.

I also enjoy writing and in 2009 I began to write “hubs” or articles for Hubpages.  I wrote on various topics, including decorating, under the author name of Songbird.  It didn’t take long to realize that I had a passion for writing about my decorating experiences.

At the end of 2010, I decided to launch this blog as my outlet for my craft and decorating addiction.  My main focus in on crafts and decorating projects that incorporate vintage accessories, flea market finds, junk decor, recycled materials and natural elements.  You will find tutorials, tips and ideas for decorating your home in a rustic and chic style.

To keep things exciting at our house,  in 2011 my husband and I built a cabin in Northern Michigan—- completely ourselves! ….with a little help from some great friends of course!  So, I also share some of our great experiences in building, unique design choices and ongoing decorating ideas from our cabin.

Along with tutorials, Rustic Crafts is also a resource for finding crafts supplies and craft room organization ideas along with recipes and business help.

All of the wonderful feedback that I get from readers, inspires me to do more.  I love throwing new ideas or tutorials out there when I know that it has been a help to somebody.  You can subscribe to this blog through the RSS feed, email subscription, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

****As of August, 2017, I am also blogging at my new lifestyle blog, A Nod To Nostalgia. This is an extension to Rustic Crafts and Chic Decor and includes topics dealing with Cabin Life, Urban Living, Clean Eating, The Empty Nest, Crafts to Sell and Tips For Bloggers. If you are interested in any of these topics, be sure to follow me there as well!


Thank you for visiting my blog.  I appreciate any comments,  feedback or suggestions you might have.  On a normal week, you can expect to see new daily posts on Monday through Friday with occasional weekend updates.

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