Painting Ceramic Tile Is Possible!

Did you ever wonder if painting ceramic tile would be a good option to replacing the tile? I had a plan to replace the tile behind our stove in our condo. The only problem was that the timing was really bad. With projects going on at our cabin and rental house, the thought of one more major project did not excite me. However, we were getting new concrete counters so I really wanted that tile wall updated.

Before Painting The Ceramic Tile

ceramic tile before

This is the before tile as we bought the condo. It bothered me that the tile was warm tones of tan and the existing counter was gray. Our new concrete counter was also going to be a charcoal gray with flecks of white. The plan was to brighten up the kitchen with a light gray wall and I really wanted a bright white tile.

So….I figured what did I have to lose by trying to first paint the tiles! Although a project of removing and installing new tile was too much to take on at the moment, a painting project rarely overwhelms me. Plus, I figured it would have to look better than it currently did and if not…..I guess I didn’t think to hard about that!

How To Paint Ceramic Tile

Clean The Tile

The first thing I did was clean the tiles real good with a mix of white vinegar and water. After cleaning the tiles, I wiped them down with a lint free rag.

Take Out The Gloss With A Primer

I then applied two coats of Zinnser Primer as a base. This will take away any gloss from the tiles without sanding and provide a great surface for the final paint coat to bond to.


Apply Paint

I then applied two coats of my paint. I really had good coverage after just one coat but added the second coat for good measure! The paint I used was Behr Premium Interior/Exterior High Gloss Enamel paint in ultra pure white.

Luckily, I was very happy with the result and I won’t have to tear out any tile…..maybe ever!

Here is how the tiled wall looks now:

painting ceramic tile

Maybe now I’ll consider the tiled bathroom floor…..hmmm….

If you would prefer to install new tiles, see how to install a subway tile backsplash.

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