Home Tour Showing Birch & Other Rustic Accessories

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Now that all of the Christmas decorations have been put away and the house is back in order, I thought it would be a good time to give a little tour demonstrating some of the rustic decor ideas that I have done.  When we built our house, about eight years ago, we did not have our cabin so our intent for the basement was to make it feel like a rustic lodge get away.  So… most of  my rustic decorating is done down here.  However, I did end up carrying quite a few rustic touches throughout the entire house, which I will show you as well.

Do you see the birch floor lamp in between the two sofas?  You will see quite a few of those throughout our house!  See how to make your own here.

I may have mentioned before that my husband is a hunter.  Well he is also a very successful one which is why I have the deer skin rug under the ottoman table.  I like displaying his trophy in this way much better than a head hanging on the wall.  Although, we have that too on a special wall in our game room.

Our living space upstairs is supposed to be a little more formal but by most people’s standards it is still very casual.  The fieldstone fireplace and brown leather chairs keep it nice and relaxed, as well as the old distressed trunk table and birch floor lamp.

Our study is similar with the birch lamps and brown leather chairs.  My husband snuck some of his taxidermy in here as well but I think the ducks are pretty cute!  The mantel holds a collection of vintage cameras which is also a fun rustic touch.

We don’t have any birch in our master bedroom but it is chucked full of vintage.  The antique furniture has not been restored in the least.  We enjoy all of the natural imperfections passed down from family!  A fun accessory to make was the chalkboard in the vintage frame.

Our gardeny powder room was the perfect place to place a birch bird house and birch flower basket for accent pieces.  Just a little rustic touch in a room of birds and florals.

I even managed to throw in some rustic touches in the kitchen with an old distressed cafe sign and some antique accessories above the cabinets.

And, my laundry room is accessorized with some vintage finds along with a bunch of twigs!

I'm addicted to crafting and decorating my downtown urban loft and up north rustic cabin. Read more about me.
  1. Hi Renee. You are a very ambitious and talented lady. I read your profile, wow. That must be so wonderful to go to your cabin to stay. Hope you get to use it alot.
    I really enjoyed looking at the wonderful objects you have made for your home. those lamps are awesome. Wish I’d had one for our home when we lived in MT. Wish we still lived in MT. of all places we’ve lived Mt is still my favorite even with the winters. We moved from San Diego area to MT in 92. We live in CO now but if I could I’d go back to MT.
    With all the wondeful topics listed I’ll be spending alot of time on your blog, visiting often.

  2. Forgot to tell you, I am so envious of your bedroom set. It’s gorgeous. I love the old furniture and styles.
    We got interested in antiques in San Diego when we went looking for some new end tables. All we found was junk until we heard about a place down in South Bay that imported English/Irish, etc. furniture. We went crazy buying some of the things, still have a few but not like your bedroom set.

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