DIY Bunk Beds With Stairs

Although some cabins are huge and luxurious, I would say that the majority are probably much smaller than a home.  That would be ours.  Since space is limited and we like to have lots of guests over, we needed to come up with the best possible sleep arrangements that we could fit. Not only were we after sleeping space, we also wanted to build something with storage. So, we built double bunk beds with stairs that flip up for storage.

Cabin Decor Ideas For Your Special Retreat

If you own a cabin or cottage or dream of having one in the future, you may already have some thoughts on how you would decorate your retreat. It probably isn’t quite the same as how you would choose to decorate your home. I’m thinking a relaxed atmosphere that is maybe a little more off the wall or quirky. A cabin is a place that you can experiment a little or go away from the typical norm. Since it should be a haven to go to for fun and relaxation, the decor style should also reflect a more carefree setting. Our own cabin is unique and more relaxed than our home. I found some unique cabin decor ideas to inspire you for your own retreat.

DIY Decorative Stair Risers

Have you ever considered decorating your stair risers as part of your home decor projects? Instead of thinking of your staircase as just a transition area between floors, think about how it can add decorative interest to your home. Whether you use paint, yardsticks, or metal signs, there are plenty of ways to spruce up the staircase. This collection of decorative stair risers should inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to stairs.