Crafts With Branches

Branches are one of those things that can be somewhat overlooked when they are in there natural environment outside — but when you bring them in your home…. and use them to decorate, then they quickly become a thing of art.

I like to use birch branches in projects and have used them numerous times in a variety of different crafts.  My crafts with branches range from picture frames to tissue box covers to lampshades among others.

I have used small birch branch pieces in crafts like this rustic candle holder:

branch craft

crafts with branchesA plain picture frame instantly becomes a rustic decor piece when it is embellished with bunches of intertwined birch branches.

The branches are flexible enough to bend and weave in between each other to create an interesting design and fill the frame completely.


You can also use branches to spell out words:

crafts with branches

This sign craft was easy to put together by just gluing the branch sections down to form letters.

Here are some more unique crafts with branches that I found to be inspiring.  Just click on the photos for more of the scoop!

crafts with branches
twig and yarn dandelion via Apartment Therapy

I love the simplicity of this look!

crafts with branches
framed branches by Cleverly Inspired

Remember I said that when branches are brought inside they become a thing of art?  Well, that is why they are perfect in a frame!  I love this idea which is reminiscent of a picture of trees.

crafts with branches
simple trees on white board by Munchkins & Mayhem

Here is a similar idea but a bit more of a minimalist approach.  The tree branches are quite striking against the pure white board.

What crafts have you done using branches? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Decorating In White For Clean And Simple Shabby Chic

The term shabby chic conjures up a lot of different images depending on how you want to combine the shabby and chic elements.  It can be quite simple to let the color white be the clean and chic portion and combine different textures and surfaces to come up with the shabby.

Decorating in white, in this way, is probably one of my favorite ways to define the shabby chic style.  I have several examples, in different areas of the home, to inspire you with your own decorating.

Some of the examples are all white but the majority are combined with very light neutrals which adds just the right amount of interest.

photo via 4 All My Wishes And Dreams

I love the wood, wicker and burlap accents to go along with all of the white.

photo via Zsa Zsa Bellagio

Even though this room is decorated in all white, all of the different textures add a big wow factor.

photo via The Willows

This bedroom is completely chic and dreamy.

photo via Home In Exteriors

A touch of light aqua is so striking when the majority of the room is white.

photo via Digs Digs

Here is a more modern take on some rustic elements mixed with the clean white palette.

photo via HGTV

Look how well the shabby accessories stand out against all of that white!  I just love how that Bakery sign pops.

photo via Home Decor Tip

There is just something so soothing about this display.  The cabinet with the distressed white paint is a great contrast against the smooth bright white wall paint.

photo via Denise In Bloom

If you don’t want to do a whole room in white, small space or vignettes look great in an all white theme.

Would you consider decorating in white?  Which rooms would you do?  Leave your comments below.

Powder Room Ideas

A powder room is usually a small room to decorate but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a lot of impact!  There are so many cool ways to make a small room stand out.  Whether you use texture, color, creative decor or a combination of all three, you can really give the space a nice wow factor.

I have a small and kind of an unusually shaped powder room that was a little bit of a challenge to work with.  I decided that color would give me a nice pop and help out the room somewhat.  Even though the room was small, I opted to still go with a dark navy blue to add some drama.  The white trim and fixtures gave a nice contrast and brightened it up enough.

Here is the big picture:


I also love the idea of adding texture to create that wow factor:

powder room ideas
photo via Houzz

And, the creative decorative elements you use in the fixtures such as mirrors and lighting can make all the difference in the world:

powder room ideas
photo via Decoist

Here are some more interesting ideas:

powder room ideas
photo via Dmetree

A vintage dresser makes a unique bathroom vanity that is full of warmth and interest.  I did something similar to this with a vintage desk in one of our cabin bathrooms.

powder room ideas
photo via Chic Tip

Here is a sleek and chic idea for the minimalist!

powder room ideas
photo via Busy Door

And, another dresser vanity…but with color.

Now….this last one just has to be the most unique idea that I have ever seen……

powder room ideas

The design from Lovely Listing is such a fun and playful idea!  The pipe for the sink is hidden so well in the frame of the bike.

Which powder room design is your favorite?

Unusual Crafts Made From Surprising Materials

Have you ever wanted to create something totally off the wall with whatever you happened to have on hand at the time?  This type of project can be the most fun to work on and give you the most unique decor items for your home.  I had fun making some photo holders out of vintage hose nozzles as well as a candy dish.  It really wasn’t the plan when I bought the hose nozzles but one day I just saw them as being used in a different way!

The hardest part is usually just getting started with a project like this.  So…you may just need a little inspiration!  I found some unusual crafts, to make decorative embellishments and home decor, that will get you thinking.

The one thing in common with all of these craft projects is that they use materials that may surprise you.

The first one is a whimsical bird house made from a coffee can, a funnel and a spoon:

unusual birdhouse craft
photo via Milepost7

What do you have on hand that you could piece together for a bird house?  Here is another idea:

unusual crafts
birdhouse craft by Cedar Junction Studio

An old watering can or oil can and tin of any kind create another cute version.

unusual crafts
tart tin place card holder by Treasures From The Heart Gifts

Make unique place card holders using something like this tart tin as a base.  Cute and unique!

unusual crafts
wind chime photo via Rustique Art

You can get really creative with a wind chime!  This one made up of kitchen ware and beads is pretty and chic.

Here is another one made up primarily of bottle caps and chain:

bottle cap wind chime by Pianista
unusual crafts
driftwood sailboats by Nyblom Kollen

These sailboats, made from driftwood, are one of my favorite projects and would be a fun one to do for a cottage or beach theme.

unusual crafts
belt vase by Garden And Gun

Here is an unusual idea using a collection of belts to create an interesting and unique vase for flowers.

unusual crafts
kitchen owl photo via Find Make Do

An owl made from common kitchen items is adorable.

unusual crafts
tin can lamp by Those Northern Skies

Have you ever thought of making a lamp out of an ordinary tin can?  This is a fun and industrial looking home decor idea.

unusual crafts
photo wheel paper weight by Mamie Janes

How about turning an old caster into a photo wheel paper weight?  A totally rustic unique idea!

tennis racket mirror by Apartment Therapy

If you no longer play tennis, you could convert those tennis rackets into playful mirrors.

Happy Crafting!

A Roundup Of Furniture Makeovers And Repurposes

Over the past year, I have posted a variety of different furniture makeovers or diy projects for outfitting your home in a rustic chic style.  I thought I would highlight some of these makeovers here so in case you missed them you can catch them now!

You will find updates on chairs, dressers, coffee tables, desks and bookcases.  Some of these have been made over and others have been repurposed from unusual materials.

One of the most popular pieces of furniture to makeover seems to be the dresser.  Whether you have one just waiting to be updated or you are inspired to pick one up at a thrift store, the ideas that you see will definitely get you motivated to start the project.

dresser makeover before picture
Dresser before makeover by Design Sponge
dresser makeover - after
Dresser after makeover by Design Sponge

This dresser makeover using salvaged pieces of wood is one of my favorites.  See this one and nine other great ideas at my post Rustic/Shabby Chic Dresser Makeovers.

The next most popular furniture makeover is chairs.  Both wooden and upholstered chairs are frequently updated and there are a large variety of ideas to inspire you.

chair before makeover by Pink Postcard
chair after makeover by Pink Postcard

There was such a remarkable change on this chair!  See this and five other wooden chair makeovers at Chic Chair Makeovers.

You can also makeover an upholstered chair without re-upholstering it.  See how I updated my wing back chair with paint.

chair makeover

You can find the tutorial at How To Paint An Upholstered Chair.

Coffee tables can be made from almost anything.  You may be surprised at how inexpensively you can put one together and what some of the materials to make them might be!

repurposed coffee tables
Coffee table for a chicken crate by The Bungalow Blog

This coffee table was actually made from an old chicken crate!  Check out some of the other unique ideas at Unique Coffee Tables From Vintage Finds.

furniture makeovers
photo via Sweet Young Journey

And these wooden stump coffee table are a part of a collection from my post Rustic Coffee Table You Can Make.

bookcases and shelves
ladder shelf by Dandelion Express

Bookcases and shelves are an important furnishing for the home.  If you are looking for some unique and affordable ideas, check out my post on bookcases and shelves.

desk makeover

This telephone desk was once green and uninspiring.  Check out my desk makeover.