Winter Craft: How To Make Indoor Snowballs

If you are looking for a fun winter craft, I would suggest making your own indoor snowballs. Although they might be tempting to throw around the house, they look great sitting in buckets or bowls. The sparkling white snowballs add a touch of chic to your winter decor.

Every winter I look forward to the first snow and I really do enjoy how pretty it is. In fact, it’s what inspired me to come up with a snowball craft. Because really…. after those first few real snowfalls, I would just as soon enjoy the beauty in the comfort of my warm home.

Plus, with fake snowballs, there is no chance of them turning brown and dingy. They can stay just as pretty and sparkly as the day they were made for some glimmering Winter décor.

how to make indoor snowballs

I like to set these sparkly snowballs on a plate or in a bowl. However, you could set the snowballs on a fireplace mantel for a seasonal update.

How To Make Indoor Snowballs

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Supplies:  All you need are some styro-foam balls, Snow Tex, and a little Glamour Dust.…..I really wanted to say pixie dust!

snowball craft

You can find both the Snow-Tex and glamour dust, for this winter craft, at most any craft supply stores. I purchased mine from Joann. First, apply Snow-Tex to the styro-foam ball using a putty knife or stiff paint brush.

The texture will be bumpy.  While it is still wet, sprinkle some of the Glamour Dust onto the Snow-Tex and let it dry.  It will end up looking like icy crystals in snow.

That is it! Then all you have to do is use them in your decorating.  Fill vases or buckets or use them in centerpieces.

I filled this birch bucket for a little table display:

winter craft

They look like they are all ready for throwing…..and they will never melt!

indoor snowballs

And, I thought a snowball was a perfect thing for this little mouse to serve up on his leaf tray!


I also laid some out on a narrow tray for a different look. You could also stack them in a tall, narrow, glass vase.

And, here it is with an addition of a wooden ball for some variety. The wood contrast with the bright white of the snowballs gives a bit of a rustic chic look to the display.

fake snowballs

Another idea is to combine the snowball with other types of ball vase fillers.  I have a large glass vase that I plan on filling with some of these snowballs and a variety of balls with different textures and colors.

It may also be fun to use a variety of sizes of Styrofoam balls for a more interesting look in a large bowl or to create snowmen for another fun winter craft idea.

The nice thing is that since this craft is so easy, you could fill the house with them!

indoor snowballs

‘He says to the snow, fall on the earth..’ Job 37:6

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  1. What a cute project.. what a cool center piece this would to have a bile of these on the table. Thanks for the craft idea!

    1. Your welcome Corey! It doesn’t take long at all to make a whole pile of them either 🙂

  2. That’s a wonderful project, but for this lady, it is the only type of snow I want to see! I am including it in my list of craft’s to make with my little nieces – they will love it and I will have some fond memories of time spent with them!

    1. Haha…then this would be a perfect way to see the sparkly white…without having to drive in it or shovel 🙂 It would be a great craft to do with kids….enjoy!

  3. I make my snow with white craft glue and baby powder from the dollar store. It really looks good when “pounced” on with a sponge. I have applied this mixture on my Christmas village house roofs and sprinkled them with fine iridescent glitter. This might be another option for you. I’m definitely going to try the sand technique.

    1. Hi Shirley, i would love to know more about your recipeforsnow with the glue and baby powder, if you don’t mind sharing! It sounds awesome!

  4. Where do u buy the things needed to make this
    I’m having a terrible time. Tried Many recipe and none dry hard and lumpy like this. Ty

  5. Another way is to take a styrofoam ball, cut in half and rub the two flat sides together….by doing this you will get little particles, when you get a pile, add some white paint, mix and apply with brush. easy peasy

    1. I like that idea! Definitely something to try. Thanks for sharing.

  6. BEST recipe for snow. Contact me

    1. Hi,
      Would you please tell me how to make the fake snow and
      quantities you use for each product needed. I like to make new
      things for our church bazaar each year.

      Thank you for the help.

      1. Hi Maureen,
        The instructions are in the first section of the post. All you need for the fake snow is a small container of “snow tex” and some “glamour dust” to sprinkle on. A small container (as pictured) will make approximately three 3 inch balls. It does depend on how thick you apply the snow tex to the styrofoam balls. If you are making a lot of balls, I believe snow tex is sold in larger containers as well.

  7. Hello,
    I was just wondering is it durable enough not to fall apart if kids touch them? Also is the texture rough in a way that might cut children’s hands? I am making these into snowmen for a children’s hospital.

    1. Yes these are quite durable and would not be something that would cut a child’s hands. I love the idea of making them into snowmen!

    2. Even though Christmas is over…I’ll be READY next year!!!tfs

      1. You can never start too early! I like decorating with snowballs for the entire Winter season.

  8. Can’t wait to try this.

  9. A couple of days ago I’m found this recipe for the snow.You mix equals part of craft paint(found at Hobby Lobby) and FINE sand from Michaels.. Easy to mix and I keep it in a air tight jar.

  10. Thanks so much for these instructions. I was getting ready to do this for a project and now after seeing this, I can go ahead and do mine. You make it look so easy with the instructions and the great pictures. Thank you again.

  11. Caulking works just as well as Snow-tex. Even though it is thinner making it messier it is sooo much cheaper

    1. Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to try that out too.

      1. Thank you for the idea. I am a craft designer and specialize in Christmas arrangements. I love this idea to put in arrangements to add a different texture. I will put this knowledge to use. Unfortunately because of COVID-19 all my craft shows have been canceled. 😬

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