What To Make With Old Jewelry

Do you like to repurpose or upcycle items, that you already have, in your craft projects? Most of the time, when we think about repurposing, we think about throw away items like wine corks, cans or bottles. However, have you ever thought about your old jewelry? Old jewelry crafts can be the most fun because of all that bling available! I’ll show you what to make with old jewelry from accessories to home decor.

So, maybe it’s time to clean out your jewelry box and make something with the pieces that you are no longer wearing. This is a great way to upcycle and you won’t feel guilty for just letting that collection of trinkets lay there unused and forgotten. And, since money was spent on this old jewelry, it always feels good to not be wasting what you already spent.

The hardest part is figuring out what to make with all of these neglected baubles. That is where I can help! I came up with a collection of jewelry crafts that will inspire you to start digging through your jewelry right now.

Jewelry Crafts: What To Make With Old Jewelry

Create A Brooch Bouquet

The first idea is a brooch bouquet that I did for my daughter’s wedding. I made a large one for her and smaller ones for each of her bridesmaids. These bouquets could also be made for home decor. My daughter now has her bouquet in a glass cabinet in her dining room with glassware and it makes such a pretty accent. I didn’t use my own jewelry for this project but did use a collection of my mother in law’s old brooches. I did have to purchase some vintage brooches on Ebay to have enough for all of the bouquets but was glad that a large part of my daughter’s bouquet was filled with her grandma’s brooches.

old jewelry crafts

brooch bouquet

Materials Needed To Make A Brooch Bouquet:


1. Attach 3 strands of 12 inch wire to brooches, by the pin. Simply wrap these strands around to the brooch pin a few times to secure the wires in place.  You will now have a brooch flower with a three wire stem hanging down.

2. Wrap these three wires together with floral tape to create one thick stem.

3. Insert these brooch flower stems into the silk hydrangea flowers, which act as the base for the bouquet. The  hydrangea petals fill in the gaps between the brooch flowers and help to hold together the entire bouquet. Extra embellishments can also be added to the bouquet. I added two optional feather stems  along the bottom before wrapping all of the wires together with more floral tape. For the bridal bouquet, I also added a section of the tulle from my wedding dress at the base of the bouquet which also got wrapped around the base with the floral tape.

4. The handle of the bouquet is created by wrapping all of the stems together with lace using fabric glue to secure the lace.  The bottom of the handle was finished with the corsage pins that were simply inserted into the bottom of the handle so that just the pearls showed at the bottom.  If any of the brooches fit loosely at the top, I added just a touch of jewelry glue to hold them in place.  Most were just fine.

It is a time consuming project but it is a great way to use old brooches and earrings. This idea for what to make with old jewelry can also be very profitable. If you make these to sell, they can go for $300-500 depending on the brooches and detail put into the bouquets.

DIY Brooch Napkin Rings

diy brooch napkin rings

SOURCE: Intimate Weddings

I love a pretty napkin ring and what better way to dress up your table than with vintage brooches. This might be one of my favorite household jewelry crafts!

Embellish A Lampshade

lampshade jewelry

SOURCE: Mod Vintage Life

You never have to have a plain or boring lampshade again! In fact, there are so many ways to decorate a lampshade. This one makes use of jewelry to give it a little glam.

Dress Up A Pair Of Shoes With Old Jewelry

what to make with old jewelry - embellish a shoe

SOURCE: Shzell

You can add some glitz and glamour to a pair of shoes real quick and easy by clipping on a pair of fancy earrings. A great way to transition from day wear to elegant evening out.

Turn Jewelry Into Stylish Magnets

jewelry magnets

SOURCE: My So Called Crafty Life

You can’t get any easier than transforming old jewels into stylish new magnets. Imagine a refrigerator all glammed up with bling.

Embellish A Letter For Your Home Decor


jeweled monogram letter

SOURCE: I Love To Create Blog

How about making a decorative accent for your home by embellishing a letter with jewels?  Spray paint ties the whole design together. The whole look is kind of a funky industrial.

Make Decorative Book Marks

what to make with old jewelry - jeweled bookmarks

SOURCE: Country Living

You can always use a decorative bookmark and these are so pretty to look at that you will want to start reading just to use them! Get the tutorial for this bookmark and the one below at Velvet Strawberries.

what to make with old jewelry - bookmark clip

SOURCE: Velvet Strawberries

Here is another pretty bookmark idea in a clip form.

Dress Up Furniture Knobs With Old Jewelry


drawer pull made from vintage brooch

SOURCE: Lovely Etc.

I am a big fan of dressing up furniture knobs just a touch.  Embellishing knobs with jewelry is a perfect idea for a shabby chic style piece!

Valentine Heart Made With Jewelry

valentine framed heart made with jewelry

SOURCE: Hometalk

How is this chic framed heart for some perfect shabby chic decor! Display this anytime or especially for some pretty Valentines Day decor.

Make A Jeweled Christmas Tree

what to make with old jewelry - jeweled Christmas tree

SOURCE: Plum Perfect And Me

And, at Christmas you can make a dazzling Christmas tree using a styro-foam cone embellished with jewelry.

Framed DIY Jeweled Christmas Tree

diy jeweled christmas tree art

SOURCE: Thrifty Fun

Another option to a standing Christmas Tree is to make one flat to be framed. Depending on the size, it can be beautiful tabletop or wall Christmas decor.

Embellish A Gift Package

jewelry gift package embellishment

SOURCE: Dishfunctional Designs

Vintage jewelry on a gift package is a beautiful way to present a gift. Just attach a piece to the center of a bow to add instant elegance.

So, those are some creative ideas for what to make with old jewelry. Do you have any ideas for jewelry crafts to share?


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  1. Although I just found these timeless ideas, I know I will try a couple! Thanks

  2. Everthing you make is Absolutley GORGEOUS.
    Do you have any secrets you can share with glue? It seems no matter what I try I make a mess and spend so much time on cleaning it off. 🙃

    1. Yes using glue can definitely be a messy business! I like to buy glue with a fine tip for small projects. I have also used a small craft paint brush for applying glue more precisely.

  3. Great ideas! Any suggestions for cuff links? I have several of my fathers and would love to do something with them. Thank you!

    1. I have seen cufflinks linked together with jump rings to create a fun bracelet. Another cool idea is to make leather napkin rings that are attached with the cuff link.

    2. I made charms for my charm bracelet (or a pendant) out of some of my dads cuff links. Took them to a local small jeweler and had the clips removed, smoothed out, a hole drilled and a loop added. Inexpensive with so many memories!

      1. What a great idea and wonderful keepsake!

  4. My daughter made the bouquets for her wedding. They are beautiful.. I can send a picture for you to show…

    1. I would love to see a picture!

  5. enjoyed your page, am hoping to try to make a tree for my granddaughter, she is very interested to make one for herself,
    just hope I can find the jewellery.

  6. You made her a long necklace with wings and a prayer saying. I would like one with wing and the word Dreams on mine….same lenghth and size

  7. Sunday Allen foley referred me ti you. you made her a necklace and I would like a similar one. 9806136945c

  8. I make jewelry with old jewelry parts – great ideas and inspirations!

  9. In the 1960’s Christmas tree’s out of broken glass were very popular as well as jewelry tree’s.
    The idea’s shown today are very clever and I am sure many more ideas’s will come of this page..thanks for sharing. Susan

    1. You’re welcome Susan!

  10. About 25 years ago I made a Christmas Tree (for year round decor) out of my broken jewelry and buttons etc. I just this year started tearing it apart for a re-do into something else. It’s seen it’s better days with so many moves. Way back then there wasn’t the internet with it’s wealth of ideas. I just decided to clean out my many jewelry boxes and had the foam tree already and some leftover green spray paint. I will give you this WARNING before you spray paint styrofoam: Unless there is special paint for it now: The spray paint melted the styrofoam!

    1. Also meant to say : All of these are beautiful but I especially love the bookmarks and plan on making some for gifts in the future! They will be especially meaningful for my 2 sisters since some of it is from my moms old costume jewelry!
      Thanks for giving ma a great idea for re-purposing my de-constructed jewelry Christmas tree!

      1. I love the fact that you are double re-purposing :)! The bookmarks will be a fun way to reuse your jewelry…again!

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