Top Ten Things To Reuse In Recycled Crafts: Plus Tutorials

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Do you want to be green and make use of what you have in the making of some of your craft projects?  Most of the time the answer is yes but it can be difficult to think of what exactly you may want to use.  I have done a lot of recycled craft projects and can give you some ideas to help you get started.

All of these items should be things that you have right in your house – probably set for the trash.  However, if you start collecting some of these treasures, you can really begin making some cool projects.  Click on the links for some fun tutorials.

Here is the list:

1.  Wine Corksyou can make trivets, coasters, cork boards and my favorite keychains:

2.  Bottle CapsBottle caps are not just for jewelry crafts.  You can make magnets, flowers and even bowls.  Here are some wine glass charms that I made:

3.  Tin Cans – A tin can takes on a new life when it is repurposed into a candle holder, luminary or pencil holder.  Here are some examples of various storage containers that I have made from tin cans:

4.  Toilet Paper Rolls You would be surprised at all of the decorative things you can make from paper rolls.  From decorative storage containers to beautiful wall art, there are amazing things that you can do with a simple toilet paper roll.  I even made these fun napkin rings:

5.  Wine Bottles – Wine bottles can be used for lamps, candle holders, holiday lighting and to hold up shelving.  They also make great vases like this rustic one that I made covered in birch bark:

6.  Cereal Boxes – Notepads, bookmarks, gift boxes, and placemats are just a few ideas that you can make out of cereal boxes.  An idea that I think is the most fun to make is a magazine or paper holder.  I had fun making this one with some recycled newspaper as well:

7.  SweatersThis may not have come to mind when thinking about recycled materials.  However, when a sweater is too worn out for wearing or for charity, you can still use it in many ways with all of the craft ideas for decorative uses.  I used one in the Fall to cover a pumpkin:

8.  Gift Cards/Credit CardsInstead of throwing out those used up gift cards or slashing credit cards that you no longer want to use, try using them to decorate a picture frame in a mosaic style or create some fun jewelry.  Here is a bird feeder that I decorated the top of with cards:

9.  DVD Cases – Photo frames are the most popular use for old dvd cases.  However, I also made a fun fly box that is perfect for a fly fisherman:

10.  Old Game Pieces – Make jewelry, magnets, picture frames and coasters with leftover and unused game pieces.  I like to label various craft projects with vintage game letters:

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Great ideas!! thanks soo much!!

    1. You’re welcome Tiki 🙂

  2. I love the idea of the credit or gift cards! You can get really pretty ones at Christmas! I will be saving mine from now own.


    1. Yeah, it’s fun to have a use for some of those decorative cards instead of just throwing them out 🙂

  3. You amaze me with the neat stuff you come up with. I’m going pin your sweater pumpkin tute and try it out this Fall. (Can’t believe I’m thinking Fall with all this Spring in the air. lol!)

    1. Thanks Susan! It’s a fun project 🙂

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