Recycling Projects For Kids

Buying new craft supplies is all well and good. But what if you could use common throw away items in a craft project? There are so many benefits to doing this. Just to name a couple, you will save money and reduce waste. I have previously posted about my favorite recycling crafts for adults. However, with kids back in school and needing to do school projects, I thought it was a good time to focus on recycling projects for kids.

Teaching kids early on how to recycle and reuse can only be good for the planet. Plus, it gets them thinking more creatively and using their imagination. When an egg carton can be turned into a caterpillar or old game pieces used to make gifts, kids will realize how cool recycling can be. So, start saving your boxes, jars, cans, and bottles to use in these creative recycling projects just for kids.

recycling projects for kids

Recycling Projects By Material

I have sorted these kid projects by the recycled material used. Find a variety of ideas for each type of material. Some of the projects may require adult assistance and supervision.

Boxes Of All Kinds

Shoe Box Mini Foosball Game

shoe box mini foosball recycling project for kids
SOURCE: U Create

You may already love to save shoe boxes to use for decorative storage. However, here is an idea that is all fun and games. Kids already like to play games. When they can make the game themselves, it is all the more special.

Cereal Box Aquarium

cereal box aquarium
SOURCE: The Best Ideas For Kids

A cereal box is the perfect size for making a faux aquarium. It could be as fun to look at as a real one! Recycling projects for kids, like this one, make it also fun for kids to decorate their bedrooms. They could even make their own storage box for coloring books or comics from a decorated cereal box.

Shipping Box Washer And Dryer

shipping box washer and dryer
SOURCE: Tairalyn

If you have small kids, then never throw away any of your big boxes. In fact, boxes at Christmas can sometimes be more fun than the gift inside. When a box is turned into a fort or an appliance for the playroom, it makes it well worth saving.


Mason Jar Handprint Gift

recycling projects for kids - mason jar handprint gift

Kids like to create their own gifts and friends and family love to receive them. As a grandma, I know I would treasure a mason jar with a grandchild’s sweet hand print. The jar can easily be used for storing craft or kitchen supplies. This is yet another fantastic mason jar craft idea.

Baby Food Jar For Easter Candy

easter candy jars
SOURCE: Crazy Little Projects

Although this may not be a craft for little ones to complete on their own, it is one they would enjoy receiving. These jars make cute little Easter gifts when they are filled with yummy candy. Kids will love the sweet faces on the jars.

Tin Cans

Whenever kids do a craft using tin cans, it’s a good idea to tape over the rim with duct tape to prevent any cuts. It can be removed later if kids won’t be handling the cans after the project is complete.

Tin Can Planters

tin can planters - recycling projects for kids
SOURCE: Darice

How adorable are these fun planters? The plants end up looking like the hair on these goofy faced cans. Since just looking at them makes you smile, think how fun it would be to create one.

Tin Can Wind Chimes

tin can wind chimes
SOURCE: Hands On As We Grow

Colorful wind chimes are another creative idea for kids to do with recycled tin cans. Not only can they create fun designs with paint but they can also enjoy the different sounds that the cans make.

Plastic Bottles And Jugs

Between water bottles, soda bottles, and milk jugs, there are plenty of plastic bottles to keep out of the landfill and into the hands of kids. There are so many cool things that kids can make to play with. You could almost get away without buying any more toys…..almost.

Soda Bottle Jet Pack

recycling projects for kids - soda bottle jet pack
SOURCE: Doodle Craft Blog

A soda bottle jet pack is great for imaginary play. This would also be a great accessory to a creative Halloween costume.

Water Bottle Bowling Pins

water bottle bowling pins
SOURCE: We’re Far From Normal

Whenever kids can make their own games it’s a good thing. It’s easy to create bowling pins from water bottles. Just decorate and start playing.

If you have more plastic bottles than what the kids can use, try using some yourself in a decorative home decor project. Plastic bottles can actually make some pretty nice decor.

Milk Jug Bird Feeder

milk jug bird feeder
SOURCE: Meredith O’Reilly

It’s easy to make a bird feeder out of a milk jug. Kids will love decorating their own feeder and then watching as the birds come flocking to it. It’s a craft that keeps on giving enjoyment.

More Recycling Projects For Kids

easy toy making crafts for kids
SOURCE: Easy Toy Making Ideas For Kids

Kids can make a variety of different toys using things like tin pie plates, coffee cans, toilet paper rolls and more.

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  1. This is a goldmine! So many fantastic recycling projects, my kids and I are going to have a blast crafting our way to a greener planet. The cardboard castle idea is epic, and the juice carton robots got a huge giggle from my little ones. Thank you for inspiring creativity and eco-consciousness in such a fun way!

  2. You amaze me with the neat stuff you come up with. I’m going pin your sweater pumpkin tute and try it out this Fall. (Can’t believe I’m thinking Fall with all this Spring in the air. lol!)

    1. Thanks Susan! It’s a fun project 🙂

  3. I love the idea of the credit or gift cards! You can get really pretty ones at Christmas! I will be saving mine from now own.


    1. Yeah, it’s fun to have a use for some of those decorative cards instead of just throwing them out 🙂

  4. Great ideas!! thanks soo much!!

    1. You’re welcome Tiki 🙂

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