Button Crafts: 20 Things To Make With Buttons

A while back, I bought a small vintage case stocked full of vintage buttons and I have been having fun with button crafts ever since.  I especially like the old mother of pearl buttons or the rich dark brown rustic looking ones.  Old buttons are quite easy to find too at most antique shops.  Other places to look are estate sales, resale shops, flea markets and garage sales.  Of course you can also just clip buttons off of old shirts, that can no longer be worn, and start your collection that way!

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1. Button Snowflake Craft

button snowflake craft
TUTORIAL: DIY Button Snowflake Craft

Using small twigs as a base, glue on some creamy buttons to create a decorative snowflake for the Christmas tree. Mother of pearl buttons will sparkle, especially when they catch the light.

2. DIY Button Garland

diy button garland
TUTORIAL: DIY Button Garland

You can embellish picture frames or mirrors with a small strand of button garland. It’s a great way to add texture and color to a plain frame.

button garland
SOURCE: Unique Christmas Ornaments

It’s easy to make a garland for the Christmas tree by simply stringing a collection of buttons on twine.

3. Button Bracelet

There are so many things you can do with buttons and jewelry is just one of them. This button bracelet is super easy with a chain containing flat round discs.

button bracelet craft



  1. Some bracelet chains come with the clasp and round already attached and only need the length adjusted with pliers to remove a link or two. However, if make the bracelet from a long line of chain, you will need to first cut the chain to size with tin snips.
  2. Attach the clasp and round to opposite ends of the chain if you need to add your own.
  3. Glue buttons to the flat round discs with jewelry glue.
button bracelet craft

4. Button Labels

Another fun thing to do with buttons is to spell out words on labels or any other type of craft project. With this bucket, I just glued a section of burlap to the bucket to use as a base for the button word. Then, I outlined in pencil the word I wanted to spell and glued on the buttons.

button craft
SOURCE: How To Make Burlap Labels

5. DIY Button Clock

diy button clock

With an embroidery hoop and a clock kit, it’s easy to make your own stylish clock. Using a variety of buttons is a great way to add color, texture, and overall interest.


6. Button Bird Art

button bird art
TUTORIAL: Button Art On A Slate

You can basically use buttons like a paint to create a fun piece of artwork. The more colors and sizes of buttons that you have, the more possibilities for art. Attach the buttons to wood, canvas, slate, or burlap in a frame for some fun wall art. Monograms are really popular too, which you can do in buttons of all one color.

button tree art
TUTORIAL: Crafts by Amanda

This Fall tree design is a perfect example of using buttons in a variety of colors and sizes.

7. Button Pillow Art

button Pillow

Besides wall art, you can also create an artistic design for a pillow.  Create objects, like this tree, or other simple shapes for a truly unique look.

8. Lampshade Decorated With Buttons

lampshade decorated with buttons
SOURCE: How To Decorate A Lampshade

Give a plain lampshade a fun new look with buttons. Whether you go colorful or monochromatic, the lampshade will get a lot of visual interest. I like how only half of this shade is covered with buttons in a random pattern. It tends to be even more eye catching than if the whole shade was filled.

9. Vintage Button Bookmarks

vintage button bookmarks
SOURCE: The Anastasia Co.

Create stylish bookmarks using vintage buttons adhered to paper clips. So simple and fun! Turn them into magnets instead by gluing the buttons to a round magnet instead of the paper clips.

10. Make Button Candle Holders

candle holders decorated with buttons

A glowing candle sets off these button votives just perfectly. The light shines right through the translucent buttons.

11. Button Flower Bouquet

button flowerrs
TUTORIAL: Jones Design Company

This button flower bouquet looks quite elegant in the silver container.  I love the fun artsy look.

12. Make A Button Tree

button tree
SOURCE: Kitsch And Curious

How cute is this button tree on it’s thread spool base? It’s so cute and delicate and would be a great accent in a sewing or craft room.

13. Design A Button Pillow Stripe

button pillow stripe
TUTORIAL: Just Crafty Enough

Say goodbye to boring pillows! Just by adding rows of similar buttons, you can create a fun pattern with tons of textural interest. This idea is simple and chic.

14. Button Lampshade

button lampshade
TUTORIAL: Make It Love It

A lampshade, trimmed with fabric covered buttons, makes an elegant statement in the home. I like how these covered buttons match the lampshade fabric for a uniform look. Other ideas are to line a lampshade with matching mother of pearl buttons or colors to match your decor.

15. Embellish A Picture Frame

button embellished frame
SOURCE: Unusually Lovely

Decorate an entire picture frame or just a corner or two with your favorite buttons. I like the use of white on white in this example for a simple chic idea.

16. Line A Tray With Buttons

button lined tray
TUTORIAL: Mel Stampz

Another easy button craft is to line a tray with coordinating buttons. It adds a lot of interest for display.

17. Make A Fun Necklace

button bib necklace
TUTORIAL: The Scrap Shop

Make a fun bib necklace using shell buttons that you can purchase inexpensively.


18. Make A Button Bowl

diy button bowl

Using a balloon as a form, you can create beautiful and artistic button bowls. It’s so easy and very rewarding.

19. A Button Christmas Tree

button christmas tree design
TUTORIAL: North Pole

With buttons and embroidery thread, you can create a variety of designs for decorating gift bags, boxes, cards, and more.

20. Button Gift Wrap Idea

button gift wrap
SOURCE: Craft & Creativity

Here is an alternative idea if you don’t want to go all out with a button design on gift wrap. Simply use a large button at the center of your gift packages to hold your twine or ribbon wrap in place. As far as button crafts go, this is one of the easiest!

If you don’t already have a stash of buttons, hopefully this list of button crafts inspires you to go out and start collecting! Buttons are great to use for holiday decor as well. Check out these posts for more ideas.

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What types of button crafts can you think up?  What do you think of this list of ideas?  Let me know your thoughts — I love to hear from you!

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