Rustic Coffee Tables You Can Make For Almost No Cost

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One of the things I love about rustic or shabby chic decorating is that you can more easily get away with creating your own furnishings out of natural elements or recyclable materials.  Whenever you can make something out of materials that don’t cost you any money, it is a big boost to your budget, especially when that item is a piece of furniture.

Just because you are able to use no cost materials, however, does not mean that you have to sacrifice on style.  There are so many creative things that you can do that will give the appearance of a high end piece.

This article focuses on rustic coffee tables.  I have found several good examples of decorative low cost tables that you can make.

rustic coffee table

If you have ever needed to have a large tree removed from your yard, you may want to think about using part of it for a table base.  My husband actually ran into a tree cutter who had this section in the back of his trailer.  The guy offered it to my husband for free if he could get it off the trailer and transported home himself.  Well, my husband so an opportunity an enlisted a few of his employees.  Needless to say, we got the tree all the way up to our cabin to use as a table base.

Our plan was to purchase a round glass table top to set on the wood.  However, to make matters even better, my husband passed by a house that had a table with a glass top alongside the road with a “free” sign next to it.  Halleluah! How lucky were we?  It was even the right size!

Since the wood is extremely heavy, we ended up putting some casters underneath it so we could easily roll it out of the way when needed.  It sits on a stained concrete floor which helps with the rolling.

The look of the cut wood through the glass is really quite pretty.  The picture doesn’t quite do it justice.

When I went on a search of other tables, I found one that I loved that was made from pallets:

I love this idea from Homedit and the great thing is that you can find pallets everywhere!  Just a coat of paint or stain, some casters and a few screws are the only costs involved for this project and the look is so shabby chic.

Here is another tree stump idea that is a little more shabby chic rather than rustic:

This idea by Sweet Young Journey uses two smaller stumps in front of a sofa instead of one large one.  The fact that the rest of the decor is more feminine makes this a great shabby chic example.

One more example of a tree stump coffee table is this example by Thrifty and Chic.  The stumps painted white adds a bit of sophisticated elegance to the room.

Finally, a more light weight option is to use a thinner slice of tree and set it on some vintage table legs.  Maybe you have an old table lying around that you are looking for a use for.  If you don’t care for the top but the legs are great, you could put them to use in a project like this one from Design Sponge.

Happy Creating!

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