Furniture Made From Old Doors

If you are looking for a DIY project that is unique, vintage and super stylish, you may want to try making furniture from old doors.  Since vintage doors are already oozing with tons of character, they make a great base for a variety of different furniture pieces. Because the furniture is made from old doors, the projects are all fairly easy to complete.

You can find old doors at architectural salvage stores. I often see stores that are stocked full of these wonderful doors. With  the variety of styles and sizes available, it should be no problem finding one for in a project.

Here is a collection of furniture made from doors that are especially creative and unique:

Furniture From Doors Inspiration

1.  Door Tree Hall Bench

door tree hall bench
Door tree hall bench by LG Custom Woodworking

Here is a great inspiration piece.  A tree hall bench will have added character and style when the back is made from a vintage door.

2.  Hanging Door Table

hanging door table
Hanging door table by Green Wedding Shoes

Although I’m not sure what this table is hanging from, I do love the concept!  Most likely it is hanging from a couple of large tree limbs.  It makes such a fantastic outdoor rustic eating area.

3. Old door coffee table

old door coffee table
Old door coffee table by The Blue Eyed Owl

Simply adding legs to an old door will give you a unique coffee table that will be sure to be a conversation starter.  Because of the weathered wood, this style is perfect for your rustic home.. See how this table was put together!

4.  Vintage Door Corner Shelf

corner shelving unit
Corner shelving unit from an old door

Shelving units, on their own, aren’t always that interesting or stylish.  However, one made from an old door is decorative even if you don’t have a lot to put on those shelves. This shelving unit is is full of style.

5.  Vintage Door Headboard

vintage door headboard
Vintage door headboard by Houzz

I have seen a lot of instances of vintage doors used as headboards.  Some are very simple with a couple used together standing vertically and just leaning up against the wall.  Others are attached to boards horizontally like this one.  However, I really like the addition of the molding, to the top of the door, in this example. If the door has flaky paint, it is a good idea to coat the headboard with polyurethane to seal.

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  1. Just a simple heads up if you have children about….some older chippy paints may still have some lead base. PLEASE be cautious and Enjoy!

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