Ways To Repurpose Wood Crates

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If you like to shop antique malls and flea markets, you probably have run into some wood crates for sale. These always draw my eye right away as something that I could repurpose into a fun, decorative and useful item. Because of this, I have come up with several ways to repurpose wood crates.

Ideas For How To Repurpose Wood Crates

My husband did find a super old crate for me in the middle of the woods once! I cleaned it up real good and used it in my office as a bookcase shelf. It seemed like a good place to store some of my old books and other vintage trinkets.

repurpose wood crates

You can see more details for this crate and other junk items at my post Decorating With Junk.

I also had another wood crate along with an old vintage ladder that I combined to make a fun side table for my dining room.

wood crate table

To see the before pictures, check out my post DIY Tray Table.

Here are some other fun ideas that I found to repurpose wood crates.

shipping crate cabinet
Shipping crate cabinet by Country Living

This rustic display cabinet, seen at Country Living, was made up entirely of old shipping crates. Such a fun way to display those mason jars!

Another fun way to display jars is with a soda crate.

soda crate spice rack
Soda crate spice rack by Nine Red

This is perfect for storing smaller jars to use as a spice rack as seen at Nine Red.

wooden crate table
Diy wooden crate table by Remodelando la Caso

This last repurpose is my favorite and comes with full step by step instructions for making. Check out the tutorial at Remodelando la Caso for this DIY Wooden Crate Table that uses old wine crates and industrial metal as the main components.

Do you have a favorite project?



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  1. Beautiful ideas…love the coke crate turned spice rack and the end table….Genius!

  2. Wow, I never would have thought you could make such beautiful crafts out of wood crates. There are a couple of crates left in my garage and I will try some of these ideas. I might even want to buy some more wood crates to try some more crafts. My favorite is the soda crate spice rack, it is so nice! Thanks again.
    -Camille |

  3. Second to baskets, crates lend themselves to so many things. Hadn’t even thought of looking for them in antique stores! Definitely luv the spice rack – brings back fond memories of my younger yrs. too – (gulp!!). Thx for passing these along.

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