Decorating With Natural, Berry And DIY Garland

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When you add a garland to a shelf, mantel or curtain rod, it is like adding icing to a cake.  It gives some added depth to a setting and spices up the entire look.

You can either make your own natural garlands or purchase decorative garlands that will enhance a rustic or shabby chic decor.

I made this birch branch garland with small sections of birch branches and clear elastic thread. I love to use this garland on a rustic dresser top, fireplace mantel or shelf with other rustic accents.

I have also made this and then painted it all in white for a more beachy setting.

Here are some of the garlands that I have purchased and used in my home:

I purchased this pine cone garland at a good deal but this could also be easily made just like the process for the birch branch garland. I use it to dress up our fireplace mantel but have also used it to trim the rustic Christmas tree.

I use pea-berry garlands everywhere for more of a chic style. I especially like to use them over window treatments by simply draping them over the curtain rods:

pip berry garland

I also like to use them on shelves to highlight the other decorative items:

I looked around for some other inspirational ideas and this is what I found for you:

Here is a cute idea from Everyday Lovely that you can easily make from book pages. This string of pinwheels looks doubly chic draped across the front of this mirror!

There is a lot to like about this garland from Poppy Talk. It is a paper garland made from a recycled catalogue, it has a rustic styling as it is hanging from a large branch, and you can make it yourself!

Another idea is this rag garland by Brown Paper Packages. It was made for a Christmas tree but it would also be cute adorning a shelf or mantle.

Which reminds me of my rag swag garland:

You can find the tutorial here.

Hopefully you have been inspired!

I'm addicted to crafting and decorating my downtown urban loft and up north rustic cabin. Read more about me.
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