A Collection Of Acorn Crafts

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Just like the squirrels who begin to collect acorns in the Fall, now is a good time for us to collect them as well to use in craft projects.  Obviously the squirrels aren’t using them for crafts, but for food, which means the ones we collect need a little care before using them.  I explain how to clean and dry acorns  for craft projects in my bucket of acorns Christmas ornament post.

I came up with this collection of acorn crafts that I found to be the most creative and perfectly rustic chic to use in home decor.  All of the tutorials can be found by clicking on the appropriate links or on the photos themselves.

1.  Acorn ball decoration by Make and Takes.

acorn crafts

Acorn ball decoration by Make and Takes

This stylish acorn ball uses just the acorn tops.  I love the idea of making one for hanging, like this one, but you could also make a few to fill a basket for a warm table decoration.  Try mixing some of these with my snowball craft balls!

2.  Acorn wreath by All You.

acorn crafts

Acorn wreath by All You

I’ve seen a few different acorn wreaths and they all are pretty cool but I had not seen, until now, the added hazelnut flowers.  This, to me, gives it that extra wow!

3.  Acorn knobs by Martha Stewart.

acorn crafts

Acorn knobs by Martha Stewart.

Here is a simple way to adorn some boxes with a natural “knob”.

4.  Acorn cap candles by Think Crafts.

acorn crafts

Acorn cap candles by Think Crafts

acorn crafts

Acorn caps make a wonderful rustic base for a mini floating candle.

5.  Fabric acorns by Huffington Post.

acorn crafts

Fabric acorns by Huffington Post

Add some playful color with this fun acorn craft.  It is actually easier than it looks!  The mix of colors with the warm rustic acorn tops are a great combo.

What have you made with acorns?  Share your craft ideas below in the comments!

Happy Crafting!