Antler Crafts For A Rustic Home

If you are married to a deer hunter or are a hunter yourself, forget about hanging your trophies on the wall! Instead, use the antlers for some fun craft projects. Obviously, you wouldn’t do this with a big trophy buck. But for those smaller deer, the antlers are perfect for projects.

I happen to be married to a successful hunter who has been willing to give me some of the smaller deer antlers. However, if you like antlers and no one hunts, you can still find antler sheds if you’re lucky. My husband and I love to walk the woods in the winter with the hopes of finding antlers. They are difficult to find but we’ve gotten lucky a couple of times. Besides finding the antlers yourself, you can also purchase antlers from someone else. I have seen antlers at several estate sales, antique malls, and flea markets.

The following antler crafts will give you some good ideas and instruction on what you can do with antlers for decorating your home.

Antler Crafts To Try

First of all, there are a lot of decorative uses just for hanging antlers on the wall. Use them for coat racks, jewelry holders, and towel racks. Leave them natural or paint them a solid color or a pattern. Basically, if you know how to mount antlers to the wall, there is so much you can do from there.

How To Mount Deer Antlers To A Board

antler crafts
TUTORIAL: Pretty Handy Girl

Whether you keep part of the skull attached, like shown above, or cut that part off with a hack saw, you first need to drill a hole through where you want to place a bolt. This example shows how to attach the antlers through the skull part but you can do the same thing drilling through the actual antler. Depending on your desired use, you can either hang them rights side up or upside down. Here are some inspiration photos for how to position and use the mounted antlers.

Antler Decor Ideas

Besides these antler crafts, you can also simply display them on a table or shelf, in a glass vase, or throughout a centerpiece.

Hang Coats From Mounted Antlers

antler coat rack
SOURCE: Decoist

A coat rack can be just one set of antlers or several sets. You can customize the look by how you finish the wood backer as well as the antlers. The antlers look great in their natural finish but add paint to suit your style.

Mount Antlers To Hold Wine Bottles

antler wine bottle holder
SOURCE: Shelterness

Crisscross a couple of antlers together so that they can hold a couple of wine bottles. Once you get the position of the antlers how you want them, it would help to mark with a sharpie where they either join together or where each antler separately needs to be attached to the board. Then, drill your holes and screw a bolt through the antlers and wood. Once the bolt is through, secure it with a nut.

I also found a tutorial for an antler wine rack that sets on a table. The detailed instructions make it easy to follow.

antler wine bottle table rack

This wine bottle holder would make such a nice addition to a rustic dining or bar area.

Other Ideas For Antler Crafts

Use small antlers or even cut up a larger antler for these ideas. A hacksaw and a drill or the main tools that you will need.

  • Drill a hole at the base and insert a craft wine stopper, key ring, or wine opener. Use E6000 craft glue on the insert end for a secure fit.
craft wine stopper
  • Slice an antler in small rounds to use as buttons. Drill two holes in the middle and polish smooth. Use the buttons to decorate pillows, curtains, table runners, and more.
  • Attach an antler to the end or side of a metal U curtain tie back using E6000 craft glue.
  • Glue a candle dish to an antler for a Pottery Barn inspired rustic candle holder.
antler candle holder
SOURCE: Pottery Barn

Decorating with antlers has never been easier with these antler crafts!

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