A Small Framed Monogram Chalkboard Sign & A Dilemma

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I was on a chalkboard kick a while ago and busted out several different chalkboards in fun vintage frames of all sizes.  I did this mainly to make various signs to decorate my house and I also sold some.  The one that I posted about previously was my large vintage chalkboard that I put over our bed in the master bedroom.

However, I never did anything with my small monogram chalkboard sign so I am going to tell you about that now.

I did finally find a perfect spot to hang it as I am continuing to update my home office.  Here is a little peek at just one further step that I am making in what I hope to be a fabulous new makeover:

I had picked up the Queensign this past summer at a fun shop up in Northern Michigan.  Actually, my husband picked it up for me….he calls me queen and figured it was perfect for me!  I love it!   I call him……….Chuckie Poopster!

And, there is a fun story behind that, which I may share at some point.

Anyway, to further make the wall all about me, I decided to hang my monogram chalkboard right under my queen sign.  In case you haven’t figured it out, the R stands for Renee!

I also just bought the industrial looking wire basket, which I need to fill with something…..I’m thinking neutral but with texture…we shall see!

The little cupboard, it is setting on, is something I want to eventually upscale so I will be revealing that later.

Now, back to the framed chalkboard sign!  It was really simple to do and fun to decorate with birds cut from the tin of a coke can!  Here is what I did:

1.  First, I took the glass out of the picture frame and painted it with about three coats of brush on black chalkboard paint.  When the paint had cured for a full 24 hours, I then reinserted the glass into the frame.

2.  I used a chalk marker to hand write my initial and then used a ruler to draw a straight line across the top to act as the “wire” for the birds.  **Tip – I just read that you can use Mr Clean Magic Eraser to erase chalk marker from a chalk board with ease.

3,  I used this bird punch that I had purchased from Jo-ann to cut out my birds from the tin of a coke can.  First I cut the top and bottom off the can with tin snips and then just cut the side of the cylinder straight through with sharp scissors.  I flattened the tin real good before inserting it into the punch and it worked like a charm!

4.  Next, I painted the birds with acrylic paint and attached them to my frame when they were dry.  I used E6000 craft glue but any good tacky glue would probably work just fine.

Here is a bigger view:

Now, as I was going through my craft room this weekend and sifting through all of my goodies, I came across something that I had purchased this summer.

It has nothing to do with framed chalkboards, although it could I suppose.  I have been racking my brain on what I should do with it.  Right now I only have one but know where I can get more but will probably have to wait until shops open up this summer.

I am hoping that maybe you can help me figure out what to do with this:

It’s an old fishing net float!  The dimensions are only about six inches long by an inch and a half in width.  Can you help me with this dilemma?

Happy Crafting!