A Sweet Antique Door Makeover By Guest Blogger Amanda

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I love projects that involve repurposing vintage items and today’s post comes from an angle that I don’t get to focus on anymore.   Decorating for little girls has to be one of the most fun and rewarding decor experiences.  I think that you will find this antique door makeover, from Amanda at mommy is coocoo, to be super special and sweet!

Hello! I am Amanda, and I blog at
My blog is all about fun! Whether you are laughing about the realities of marriage and motherhood or being inspired to make your everyday surroundings lovely, regardless of your budget. I am so grateful to Renee for featuring my most recent up-cycle!
~ a fairytale before & after story ~

I bought an antique door with mirror here as a gift for Emmerson’s first birthday.
~ before ~

It was easy to see this door had a lot of potential.  Beveled mirrors in doors are very rare.

When I found the door it was in bad shape.  The mirror was covered with paint.  The door frame had been painted and repainted over and over again. The paint was peeling and chipping off. Due to the amount of grime on the back of the door, I suspect this door may have also been in a fire before.
Did this deter me?

Not in the least!  I LOVE old doors as I’ve mentioned here.

~ after ~
~ a free-standing door with mirror ~
~ painted two different shades of pale pink ~
~ I added two (spray painted) crown hooks ~
{which I bought at the goodwill}
~ a vintage door plate and glass doorknob ~
~ I added two bird stencils ~
{Emmerson’s momma is coocoo for birds right now}

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I sanded and scraped and sanded and sanded. Old doors often have been painted with led paint and I wanted to make sure all of this was gone before the door went to live in Emmy’s bedroom.
  2. After cleaning off the door with a wet cloth, I primed it.
  3. Then, I applied my first layer of pink paint using a small roller.
  4. I lightly sanded the door allowing some of the light colored primer paint to show through.
  5. I then cleaned all the dust off the door again and applied the second coat of pink paint (this time I used 1/2 glaze 1/2 pink paint to allow some of the imperfections to show through).
  6. ~ the imperfections show beautifully in this picture ~
  7. Finally, I added two hooks, the doorplate, and bird stencils.
Hopefully, this door will be something Emmerson cherishes until she goes through her grunge phase and wants everything to be painted black forever.
Renee,  Again, thank you for featuring mommy is coocoo today. This coocoo Momma couldn’t be more grateful!