10 Creative Wine Cork Crafts

Wine corks are a recyclable item that can be used in so many ways in a variety of different craft projects. They are easy to collect, quickly, if you are a wine drinker. And, if you are not, you can always have friends and family members save them for you.

The following wine cork crafts will have you emptying bottles … just to use the corks…in no time! All of them use wine corks in functional ways that are uniquely stylish.

Ten Wine Cork Crafts:

1. Wine Cork Baseboard

wine cork baseboard
wine cork baseboard by This Old House

Here is a super unique idea for trimming out the walls in your house. You might need to gather up the wine corks of all your family and friends for a project like this!

2. Champagne Cork Knobs

champagne cork knobs
Champagne cork knobs by Dollar Store Crafts

3. Wine Cork Keychain

wine cork keychain

Wine cork key chains are easy to make and can be embellished with a variety of beads and charms. They are also nice to use for boat keys as the corks will float if accidentally dropped in the water.

4. Wine Cork Bath Mat

wine cork bath mat
Wine cork bath mat by The Crafty Nest

Wine corks make the perfect surface for a bath mat!

5. Wine Cork Wine Glass Charms

wine cork wine glass charms
Wine cork wine glass charms by Family Chic

I like the idea of using wine corks for another purpose having to do with drinking wine! These cork slices make adorable wine glass charms.

6. Wine Cork Coasters

wine cork coasters
Wine cork coasters by Heart Made Blog

Coasters are another great use for wine corks and these round shaped coasters are especially creative and eye appealing.

7. Wine Cork Birdhouse

wine cork birdhouse
Wine cork birdhouse by Suzzy Cue

This could be my favorite wine cork craft ever. I just love birds and birdhouses! It almost looks like a little log cabin for birds.

9. Wine Cork Monogram

wine cork monogram
Wine cork monogram by Craft Cuts

Monograms are a popular craft project to do with wine corks. This step by step tutorial is easy to follow and understand.

10. Wine Cork Bulletin Board

wine cork bulletin board
Wine cork bulletin board by Restoration Redoux

Wine corks placed in picture frames or old windows make awesome bulletin boards. This one has a unique look with some of the corks being painted.

Have you seen enough to start wanting to save your wine corks?

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