How To Decorate With Green

Green is a primary color of the outdoors. You see it all over in nature and it’s seen in varying shades. It only makes sense that we bring this color inside for the freshness and soothing feel. A green room can be either subtle or bright but whatever the shade it will be definitely be fresh. See how to decorate with green in various rooms of the house.

As with all of my color choices for rustic decor, I like to stick with colors that are reminiscent of nature. So, the greens that you will be seeing will be some of the shades that you may see right outside your door. I like the soft shades of sage and the dark muted tones of a black forest green. According to Elle Decor, hunter green is also a popular color for 2019. Decorating with green is especially easy when you incorporate lots of fresh plants. However, I’ll show you more examples of how to decorate with green using  paint and accessories.

Ideas For Green Decor

I especially like to decorate with green accessories in the Spring. It’s such a cheery and fresh color especially after a long winter.

how to decorate with green

I found lots of inspiration of green decor that is sure to freshen up a space. This paint guide that I made up focuses on the more subtle shades of green to use for wall colors. To brighten things up with accessories, you may want to add some yellow greens.

how to decorate with green

Here are some of my favorite ways of decorating with green throughout the home that I found.

A Variety Of Painted Green Chairs

green painted chairs

SOURCE: Honeybear Lane

Accent chairs are especially cheerful in shades of green that are more cheerful and vibrant. Think green apple, coastal, and lime. It’s also a good idea to distress the paint to add just a touch of warmth and character.

Relaxing Sage Green Bedroom

sage green bedroom

SOURCE: Martha Stewart

A soft sage green is a particularly restful choice for a bedroom. It is serene and fresh giving it an almost spa like feel. This green is really close to a neutral and provides a nice backdrop to other accessories.

Little Green Accents

green kitchen decor accents

Sometimes all you need are some tiny green accents to add a splash of fresh color to a space. Since my kitchen is mostly neutral, I use small green accents that coordinate with some natural plants. Soft lighter greens work well in a neutral space.

Soft And Fresh Kitchen

green decor in the kitchen

SOURCE: Pinterest

Green in the kitchen seems like such a perfect choice. I had this shade of green on the walls of my last kitchen and just loved them. The color reminds me of a fresh pear or salad – things I may have sitting on those kitchen counters!

Green Vintage Glass Bottles

green vintage bottles

SOURCE: Eclectically Vintage

A collection of green vintage glass bottles adds subtle freshness to a room. Grouping a variety of sizes and shades adds even more character.

Bright And Cheerful Living Room

green living room

SOURCE: Country Living

Here, you can see that a brighter yellow green can also be used on walls. Since this room has more windows than wall space, the brighter color does not overpower. I could easily hang out in this room for a while! Although the room is cozy, it also still looks bright and cheerful. It looks so natural to see the green walls with the stone fireplace and other natural elements.

Add Green Accents To The Wall

green accents on the wall

SOURCE: Atlanta Homes

If the idea of painted green walls is a little too much for you, try adding just some green wall art. Whether you hang plates or canvases, a touch of green on the walls will still add a lot of freshness.

Tranquil Muted Gray Green

muted green accessories

SOURCE: Southern Living

Elegantly rustic sums up the description of this room. The dark muted green tone is relaxing and tranquil. A dark green like this is also a little more formal. Besides a formal living room, this color would also look nice in a home office.

Do you like a shade of green for a wall color or do you prefer green accents? Which is your favorite green to decorate with?

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  1. I love the greens too in decorating. Woodland white is a nice color that almost has green under tones and blends well with sage too!

  2. What color green is that with the beautiful white tub?

  3. I am planning on using green in my bedroom remodel. Thanks for the ideas for kicking it up.

    1. You’re welcome Karen! Good luck with your remodel!

  4. I love the green kitchen!

  5. Renee, these photos are luscious! LOVE the green! If I wasn’t planning on using green before, I am now! Absolutely adore the kitchen and the spa in particular! Thanks! Leslie Anne

    1. I’m glad you like the color 🙂

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