Vintage Crafts: Ideas Using Wood Crates

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Wood crates are all the rage in home decor and craft projects lately.  There are so many different uses ranging from small rustic decor items to large pieces of furniture.  I have found several great ideas, for using wood crates in your home, from all over the web.

To start with, I am bringing back the wooden crate flower box tutorial.  This was a pretty shabby looking crate that I had purchased inexpensively.  I liked it for it’s shape mainly and didn’t mind putting a light coating of paint over it.  Combining it with a rusty sign made for a nice flower box to either set on a table or hang on a wall.

Wooden crates on walls are pretty popular and here are some other ways that crates have been used on the wall:

This idea from HGTV is fantastic for holding spices in the kitchen.  This is something that I definitely want to incorporate into my cabin.  If you find the right crate, this doesn’t take any work at all except for hanging it on the wall.

I love this shelving unit by  The shabby wood is a nice contrast to the more chic accessories inside.  She has a tutorial for taking several inexpensive new crates from a craft store like Joann and making them look vintage.  Check out how she accomplishes this!

Now for some other fun items:

How about a dog bed from a wooden crate?  This is so cute!  See how this was done at Marvelousy Messy.   The dog looks pretty content in it’s new home!

And to go right along the that dog bed is this great craft:

A place to store those dog dishes.  This idea by Apartment Therapy is sure to be popular with your dog as well.  It gets those dishes up a little higher too which is nice for larger dogs.

Here is a great crate storage unit by Decorating Your Way.  The handy dividers and wheels make this a super functional storage device.

If you want to make your very own crates from scratch, then you will want to check out the tutorial from the House of Smiths.  See how they made these great storage crates for their home.  You can see how beautiful they look with the pretty pillows and throws.

Another great shabby chic look are these shelves from MamieJanes.  The decorative brackets add a lot of chic to the design and I love the wire baskets setting on top of the shelves.

There are so many great craft ideas.  Hopefully this gives you some nice inspiration to start using your crates or maybe even start making some of your own to use in fun ways.

Happy Crafting!

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