Crafts Using Cotton Stems

If you are a fan of farmhouse style, you most likely have seen cotton stems used in decorating. They look great in vases or buckets but did you know that you can also make other decor with them? This collection of crafts using cotton stems will be sure to inspire you.

crafts using cotton stems


To start, you need to either purchase or make your own cotton stems. Since purchasing cotton stems can be a little pricey, I am going to show you how to make your own.

DIY Cotton Stems

It’s really quite easy to make your own cotton stems. All you need are cotton balls, pine cones, and branches. Since two of the items come from nature, the project is very budget friendly. When I found this DIY cotton stem project, I got very excited. I often use pine cone scales and branches in projects anyway. This is just another way to use items from nature that I already collect.

diy cotton stems

As you can see, the stems look very realistic. Once you have your cotton stems made, you can either display them or use them in other craft projects. The following crafts using cotton stems can be done with either purchased cotton stems or homemade.

Cotton Stem Crafts

Cotton Stem Wreath

Wreaths are a great decor item to make. Whether you want to put a wreath on a door or use it more creatively, there are lots of places to fit them into your decor. I like the most natural looking wreaths and I think this cotton stem wreath is perfect for a farmhouse. Of course, it would work well in any rustic home.

diy cotton wreath

DIY Cotton Garland

Maybe instead of a circular wreath you could use a straight length of cotton stems to display. This next idea for DIY cotton garland has you covered.

diy cotton garland

Cotton Stem Curtain Decor

If you ever wanted to dress up your curtains a little bit, then this next craft is for you. This cotton stem curtain decor adds some interest to white curtains.

diy cotton stem curtain decor

Cotton Stem Wall Decor

Another fun way to use cotton stems is to add them to a wall display. Although both a wreath and garland can be displayed on the wall, this cotton stem display uses salvaged wood as a backdrop.

cotton stem wall decor


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