Things To Make Out Of Old Nuts And Bolts

I have a junk drawer that is chucked full of all kinds of nuts, bolts, and other little metal hardware.  It seems like there are always leftovers from a project.  I buy a small bag to use and the rest just gets thrown in a drawer or box. The plan is to save them for another day or project. However, it seems that the project never comes or I just end up buying the same things all over again. That is why I came up with a collection of things to make out of old nuts and bolts.

I figured that it was time to put all that hardware to use in a creative way! Recycling old nuts and bolts for craft projects is a great way to eliminate waste and create something unique.

Easy Things To Make Out Of Old Nuts And Bolts

Craft A Fun Decorative Snowman

things to make out of old nuts and bolts - snowman


Decorative snowmen are so popular to set out during the Winter season. Crafting one out of old hardware is super creative and unique. It gives a nice industrial feel to your Winter decor. Pair this snowman with some industrial ornaments to complement the look.

Make Industrial Thumb Tacks

things to make out of old nuts and bolts - thumbtacks

A simple project that I started with was to make some fun industrial thumb tacks out of some wing nuts and bolts. All I had to do was to glue the nuts and bolts onto some flat top thumb tacks with a good tacky glue.  Now I instantly had some interesting tacks to go along with the industrial bulletin board I was decorating for my son.

Create Some Cool Industrial Drawer Pulls

drawer pulls made out of old nuts and bolts

TUTORIAL: Lansdowne LIfe

How often have you wanted to switch out your drawer pulls for something unique? Using old nuts and bolts to create fun industrial drawer pulls is a fantastic idea. Follow the tutorial to create these easy pulls or assemble parts that you have to fit what you need.


Craft A Nuts And Bolts Monogram Letter

monogram letter made with old nuts and bolts

TUTORIAL: Craft Cuts

A metal monogram letter can look industrial all on it’s own. However, when you embellish it with old nuts and bolts, it is a work of a perfect for an industrial space. Use it for a rustic industrial home accent or give it as a Father’s day gift to dress up the garage.


Decorate A Picture Frame With Old Nuts And Bolts

nuts and bolts picture frame


Another great idea for Father’s day is to make a picture frame decorated with nuts and bolts. It’s a perfect way for dad to frame a picture of the kids for in his office.

Make A Tiered Tray

tiered tray with nuts and bolts

TUTORIAL: Backless Shirt

Use those spare pieces of hardware to construct a decorative tiered tray. This idea would also be great using tree slices instead of plates for a more rustic industrial look.



Other Things To Make Out Of Old Nuts And Bolts

  • keychains – attach hardware to a key ring or chain
  • jewelry – instead of using beads or pendants, use old nuts and bolts when assembling jewelry
  • decorate pumpkins with hardware












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