Creative DIY Pencil Holders

I don’t know how it happens but no matter how many times I clean out my pen and pencil drawer, it seems to multiply with more at an ever increasing speed.  It would be nice if that would happen with my wallet. I sure clean that out enough! Anyway, that got me thinking about organization and DIY pencil holders.  There are a lot of ways to organize and display pens and pencils.

Ideas For DIY Pencil Holders

You could stick a lot of pens and pencils in a cup style holder like I did with this recycled drinking glass pencil holder:

diy pencil holders - by

Or…you could even get a little more creative using salvaged junk:

salvaged junk pencil holder by

I made this one real quick and easy with a couple of salvaged metal industrial coils.  I just glued them to a thin rectangular base of wood, which I stained, with E6000 craft glue.  To finish and protect the metal, I brushed on a glossy lacquer.  It makes a fun and funky desk display!

Here are some other ideas I found:

Of course I love this rustic idea by Craft And Creativity:

diy pencil holder

Gadget Sin has a fun idea that leaves no question what the holder is for:

diy pencil holder

A pencil holder made up of Ikea pencils!

This next one is more of a repurpose than a craft but it is a great idea!

diy pencil holder

Use an old cheese grater hung on a wall for a unique industrial look.

Here is another pencil holder made up of pencils.  I really like these because you can use up the access supply you may have gathered around your house!  This one uses a variety of pencil colors and lengths that have all been painted white for a uniform look.

painted pencil pencil holder

Check out the tutorial by Just Our Lovely Life!

Do you have a creative diy pencil holder idea?



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  1. I have four bun feet from an old couch, and I think that I could drill holes in the top of one
    and use it to hold pencils/pens. I have been trying to think of ways to recycle/reuse these feet.

  2. Really awesome idea! I am new follower. Can’t wait to read more and explore.

    1. Welcome Nancy! So glad to have you as a follower 🙂

  3. Fantastic ideas, Renee! Love the cheese grater and the log 🙂

    1. Thank you Liz! That cheese grater is so unique to use in that and re-functional!

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