Vintage Wooden Shoe Form Display Ideas

I like to visit large antique markets looking for cool items to display in my home decor. My most recent purchase was a vintage wooden shoe form to add to my collection. The color and markings of the wood are warm and appealing. Because I love the look of these shoe forms, I thought I would share some creative ideas for displaying them.

vintage wooden shoe form - display idea

All I did with this new wooden shoe form is place a bird on it as if it just landed there.

Ideas For Repurposing Vintage Wooden Shoe Forms

Vintage Wooden Shoe Form Candle Holder

vintage wooden shoe form - candle holder

Since there are typically already holes in the upper heel area of these forms, it’s super easy to repurpose them into industrial candle holders. The look is primitive and would be a great accent in a farmhouse style home.

Wooden Shoe Form Photo Display

vintage wooden shoe form - photo display

Because there is a separation between the front and back of this particular shoe form, the slot works perfectly for holding photos. The metal ring is also fun on the end and could be used to hang the shoe form on the wall.

Use Shoe Form As A Paper And Pen Holder

vintage wooden shoe mold - repurposed as pen and paper holder

This unique style makes a great office accessory for holding pens and a small pad of paper!

Wooden Shoe Mold Bookend

vintage wooden shoe form bookend

One of my favorite ways to use the vintage wooden shoe molds is as bookends. This particular style acts as both a bookend and a paper weight.

Although there are plenty of creative ways to repurpose a shoe mold, just using them for display on their own is perfect for rustic or farmhouse decor as well.

vintage wooden shoe form display

This pair of shoe forms make a nice rustic vintage display.

If you like decorating with wooden shoe forms, you may also enjoy some ideas for decorating with cast iron shoe molds.

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  1. What a honor! Thanks for featuring the shoe form display. I really enjoy using them this way and am contemplating changing out the photos with some of my vintage postcards. I’m in love with your bookend idea!

    1. You’re welcome! Love the idea of vintage postcards too!

  2. Very cute – love the old wooden shoe forms and the pic display is fabulous!

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