Piece Out Your Old Clothing For Craft Projects

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If you have clothes that are ripped, stained, stretched out or just plain worn out, don’t completely get rid of them! You can save the pieces and parts for some fun craft projects.

Buttons, pockets, collars and sleeves are all great items that can be repurposed into some type of decorative accent for your home or a fun accessory to use.

In case you are having a hard time picturing how these items could possible look repurposed, I have some great examples for you to look at and even some tutorials for you to use.

I used one of my husband’s old stretched out sweater’s to make this fun pillow for our cabin:

sweater pillow

There are so many other ideas for using old sweaters at this link that you will probably run to your closet to weed out the worn ones!

Have you ever accidentally shrunk a wool sweater? I have done this! You wash an adult size sweater and you pull out of the dryer a sweater fit for a two year old. It’s such a disappointment…but…now you can use that sweater for felted projects…..so all is not a total loss :). Here is just one fun example:


Felted acorns are such a whimsically rustic decor accent to have on hand. It would be fun to do these in a variety of colors as well. Here is a great tutorial from The Gunny Sack.

Old jeans can become an organizer for craft storage!

All Free Crafts uses the legs off several pairs of jeans to make this cute wall organizer for craft supplies.

What about pockets? Think denim and cotton shirts….these can be reused quite nicely.

I really like this cute crib organized from Handmade Beginnings. You could make any type of wall organized using various shirt or denim pockets.

Of course buttons are very popular to use in crafts. You should always at least save the buttons from old clothing! I dedicated a whole post just to fun button crafts.

Here is an example of a bracelet that I made:

It’s a little easier to come up with ideas for pockets and buttons and overall large pieces of fabric, but what if you want to use the leftover dress shirt collars? Well…..I found a cute idea for that too:

This cute fabric purse by Creative With Kids is embellished with several different shirt collars. You could do a similar look with a throw pillow.

With these ideas, you no longer have to waste those worn out articles of clothing. Create something fun with them for very little to no cost at all!

Happy Crafting!

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