Recycled Crafts With Credit Cards

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As I was trying to come up with a recyclable material to use in a craft project, it hit me that I could cut up some of those store credit cards that I had opened up but never use.   I found that credit cards can make some great craft items.  All they were doing is taking up valuable space in my wallet anyway.

Not only did empty the unused credit cards from my wallet but also some of those reward cards from the coffee shops and book stores.  I’m pretty sure I never used them.  I even found some gift cards of my daughter’s that were most likely used up years ago.

Now, I had a pretty good pile of cards and I had one unfinished bird feeder in need of a unique finish job on the roofing.  I had just been waiting for the right inspiration!

The nice thing about credit cards is that they are very easy to cut with a heavy duty pair of scissors.  All I needed to decorate my roof were my cards, scissors and some tacky glue.

  I simply started at the top, with my smallest pieces, and worked my way down.  I cut the cards to size and glued the pieces in place with the tacky glue.  Since I had a big variety of credit card colors, I was able to stagger the color and design to create a fun pattern.

  By the time I got to the bottom, I had a colorful design that had an even edge all the way around.  Now, all I had to do was paint the rest of the feeder for a finished birdie cafe!

If I would have had more coffee reward cards, it would have been fun to do a bird house or feeder that strictly looked like a coffee shop.  I would have made sure to keep sections of the cards to spell out Starbucks and kept the color scheme all green and white.

birdhouse decorated with credit cards



Since I had so much fun working with the credit cards, I went on a search of more credit card crafts around the web.  I came up with a few fun ones!

This credit card bracelet from Scavenging is a great one!  I love the fun look.  They provide a tutorial for this and also a ring and earrings as well.  Who would have thought that you could accessorize with credit cards….literally!

  This fun mosaic picture frame from Craft Stylish is a great example of just how artsy you can get with a nice variety of credit cards.  I love all of the great colors in this collection.

Finally, to show you what can be done with credit cards if you really put your mind to it.  This work of art by Bryant Holsenbeck is definitely my favorite:

I love the creativity and of course the rustic touch!

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  1. you could also save the emptied gift cards to use – some of them have really pretty designs! Usually stores keep and through out when they are empty. Love the ideas here – hate how much we through away and always looking for nice ways to recycle!

    1. You are right Lynsey, emptied gift cards would be great to use! A good thing to keep in mind with Christmas right around the corner 🙂

  2. what can I use to make the round circles? I like that shape

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