Rustic Candle Holder Craft

Some of my favorite craft projects are the ones that start out with no real plan and just continue to take on a life as the craft project continues.  That is what happened with this particular rustic craft that ended up being a candle holder.

Candle Holder Idea

It all started with a white gear that I found in my husband’s collection of scrap in the garage.  I was drawn to the color and shape and figured it would be the base to something.

I went down to my craft room and pulled out a wood slab that was just a little larger in diameter than the gear.  Then I grabbed some pine cones and threw them out on a table as well.

rustic candle holder craft by

A plan was beginning to develop in my head.  I found a small mason jar and decided that I would make a candle holder.  My plan was to stack all of my pieces and adhere everything with my favorite E6000 craft glue.

First I coated the wood disc with glossy varnish.  Then I joined the gear and wood slab together with the glue.  For some rustic embellishment, I glued the pinecones and  to the top of the gear.  And, to add a bit of chic, I glued a couple of strands of pearl and clear bead garland throughout the pinecones

I wanted to fill the mason jar with something neutral and preferably white but the lightest filler that I had were dry navy beans.  At least I could add a white candle to lighten things up a little.

Finally, I tied a brown bow with white polka dots around the center of the mason jar and my rustic chic candle holder was done!

rustic candle holder craft by

Here is a close up of the layers:

rustic candle holder craft by

Do you like to start craft projects with the idea of adding a little of this and a little of that to see what you come up with?  What have been your favorite results?



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